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Type Spawn
Race Aberration
Regions Cape Slakh

Game Description


Fitting in perfectly with the giant spiders, these aberrations are known for spinning webs just as well as their more natural cousins.


These creatures appear to be a mixture of humanoid and spider. Their general body shape is humanoid but their head is that of a spider, including the mandibles and the presence of multiple eyes. Four of the eyes are bigger and seem the most functional, it would be worth investigating if they can still see if the larger ones are blinded. Their arms are thin and elongated, ending in two large, black claws. The feet are similarly clawed. Their belly is round and bulbous, much like the bottom part of a spider.

Much like the spiders they seem to resemble ettercap can produce webs, and sling them at their prey. Their bite is poisonous though where spider venom seems to sap your physical strength, ettercap venom seems to affect your accuracy and speed. Ettercap can communicate with spiders and will often keep them as a shepherd might keep sheep or a human a pet dog. On the isle of Amia they are almost always accompanied by the Slakh spiders.

Ettercaps are carnivorous, eating much of the same food source large spiders eat. They will prey on any wayward traveler that makes it into their lair. Because of their poison and their aberrant nature, it is not advised to try to eat them but their venom could be extracted. The origin of these creatures is unknown. They could be the result of a mage's experimentation, a weird evolution of spiders or a number of different origins.


A poisonous bite and the ability to throw webs.