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Picture: “Fey'ri.”
Regions Sun Elf (Although the fey'ri hate sun elf, that is where their heiritage lies.)
Favorite Class Sorcerer
Racial Modification: Abilities: +2 Dexterity
+2 Intelligence
-2 Constitution
Racial Modification: Feats Darkvision
Racial Modification: Skills +2 Bluff
+2 Hide
Racial Modification: Other Spell-like Ability: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
Resistances: Fire 10
Racial Type changes to Outsider.
Level Adjustment +1
Regognized Keywords daemonfey


The Fey'ri are a variety of elf that willingly bred with Tanar'ri in order to strengthen and empower their bloodline.

A Fey'ri combines the free-hearted spirit of an elf with the destructive, malicious nature of a demon. While forever tainted by their abyssal bloodlines, they retain much of their gold elven personalities, being both incredibly haughty and arrogant, if darker and more extreme in nature. Their magical bloodline often produces sorcerers above all others, though fighter and assassin are also common professions for a Fey'ri to take up.

Their skin tones range wildly, from red-tinged bronze to a night hag purple. Similar to this, their hair colors are numerous; blondes, reds and blacks are all possible. Eye color is often a crimson, though pupiless-black and acidic green are also not unheard of. All Fey'ri are born with giant, bat-like wings which are capable of flight. Some are also born with demonic tails and eyes that glow like hot embers. Due to the fact their ancestors are succubi or incubi, all Fey'ri are able to alter their appearance at will into any humanoid creature similar to their own size, making them natural masters at disguise.

The majority of them worship Ghaunadaur, the god of abominations. The handful of less-evil inclined individuals worship Fenmarel Mestarine or even Shevarash, though Shevarash offers them only hostility in return, considering them no better than drow.

Fey'ri tend toward Chaotic Evil. [1]


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