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Genasi are creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. They are planetouched, being mortal creatures who have in their veins some blood of creatures from one of the Inner Planes. In the Planescape campaign setting, they are available as a race for player characters. Genasi are also featured as a character race in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

It is important to note that genasi who come from a different elemental stock show different powers and abilities. The most common genasi by far are the ones who are related to the four classical elements: air, earth, fire and water, though para-elemental genasi do exist.

Fire Genasi

Descendants of efreet or fire spirits from the Elemental Plane of Fire, the flame lords are fiery-tempered beings of quick action. While most fire genasi are killed outright by their nonhuman parent, a few manage to escape with the mortal parent to human lands. There the fire genasi learns to be feared, perceived as a personification of fire’s destructive power. Though not innately evil, as many believe, they are the most arrogant and selfish of the genasi, believing that the flames that run in their veins make them greater compared to other mortals.

Personality: Fire genasi generally like to be at the centre of things, quick to take up causes of glory and fame, but also becoming bored easily if things get difficult or drawn out. They begin far more endeavours than they finish, though most would refuse to admit this as a failing. They are high-strung and full of energy, jumping at the chance to try something new and exciting while remaining elitists at heart. The flame lords typically try to push the extremes of social trends rather than follow them, seeing it as fitting that others would fall short of their capability. Befitting the nature of fire, they are wasteful and excessive, lacking both tact and consideration for others. The multiverse is their playground, and they don’t mind if a few of their toys get burnt in their fun.

Physical Description: Hair like summer heat waves and eyes that glow with the intensity of flames, fire genasi have an exceptional ability to stand out no matter where they are. Most have skin that is deep red or charcoal colour, which is sometimes hot enough to burn those who touch it. Some even have a voice that sounds like crackling flames, giving them almost a fiendish quality to their words. While outer appearances are very important to them, they prefer simple and elegant clothing in colours of black and red, fashioned to the latest styles of their culture.

Relations: Most races have an inbred fear of fire, and this distrust carries over to the flame lords. As a result, fire genasi become accustomed to accepting the paranoia of others and eventually reinforce it. Their hot tempers make dealing with them a matter of caution and few are willing to put up with their spoiled and elitist attitudes. Even those who might find themselves in the good graces of a flame lord may be dismissed shortly thereafter when something else catches the genasi’s eye, or even hated after some small slight. Though it could easily be reasoned that they share common ground with other planetouched, they consider relating their existence to that of other races an insult to their innate superiority.

Alignment: Fire genasi are typically apathetic to moral or ethical decisions, basing their actions on their mood at the time. As a result most are true neutral or chaotic neutral, though sometimes their love for destruction leads them to the path of evil.

Fire Genasi Lands: Fire genasi are only completely tolerated in the towns where they were first raised, protected by their human parents from the hatred of others. Once mature, fire genasi normally choose to leave their homes forever in search of new thrills.

Language: Fire Genasi speak the languages of the land of their birth and almost all have Ignan as a second language, considering it a higher form of speech.

Names: Fire genasi are often given names by their mortal parent that fit their elemental heritage.

Adventurers: Fire genasi readily take up arms for whatever suits their fancy at the time, especially if it involves fame and fortune. Because of the amount of fear human communities have for them, fire genasi often roam the planes for extended periods, enjoying the excitement and danger offered by adventuring. Their impatience and willingness to act first and think later leads them into dangerous situations, guaranteeing that any journey with a flame lord will be an interesting experience.

Role-playing a Fire Genasi: The blood in your veins burns, driving you to try the impossible and rise above the mundane creatures around you. You give neither mercy nor compassion to others; it is more than enough that you acknowledge these weaklings, let alone view them as equals. Never hesitate or sit idle. Never allow yourself to be portrayed as weak or dependent. Mortals fear you and they should continue to do so. Allow no insult to go unpunished, for it is your responsibility to ensure others never forget who the superior race is.

Fire Genasi Racial Traits

  • Abilities: INT +2, CHA –2
  • Feat: Darkvision
  • Spell-like Ability: Fireball
  • Level Adjustment: +1
  • Automatic Languages: Common, home region.
  • Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages, such as Druidic).
  • Plane of Origin: The Fire Elemental planes.
  • Favoured Class: Wizard.

Racial type changes to Outsider

Faerûnian Fire Genasi

Regions: Calimshan, Chult, Lake of Steam, Unther.

Fire genasi are usually thought of as hot-blooded and quick to anger, and they have earned that reputation. Mercurial, proud, and often fearless, they are not content to sit and watch the world pass them by. Fire genasi have obvious physical traits that mark them as different from humans, and they are often the target of mistrust and persecution. Some fire genasi are able to use their quick wits to turn the tables on their tormentors, while others find that their barbed words only make their foes more angry. Many fire genasi are destroyed as infants by their own parents, who fear that they are demonspawn.

Most fire genasi in Faerûn are descended from the efreet that once ruled Calimshan. Planetouched of this derivation live all over the Lands of Intrigue, and some have traveled away from their ancestral homeland to escape the fear and prejudice that Calis-hites bear for genies. Chult, the Lake of Steam, and Unther also have a small number of fire genasi, for those lands bear volcanoes that sometimes act as natural portals to the Elemental Plane of Fire, allowing efreet and other fiery outsiders to make contact with humans. A large family of fire genasi-like halflings was known to live in Unther, but the war with Mulhorand has displaced them and their current whereabouts are unknown.

Fire genasi are obviously not fully human, having mostly human features except for one or two exceptional traits related to their elemental ancestor. Some examples of these features are:

charcoal gray skin

deep red skin

red or orange hair that waves like flames

eyes that glow when the genasi is angry

unusually warm skin

large red teeth

always smells like smoke

Fire genasi are proud of their ancestry and consider themselves superior to normal humans, although the smarter ones don't make an issue of it. Because the efreet-descended genasi of Calimshan have almost no chance of finding their original elemental ancestor (who have long since been slain, banished, or imprisoned when their empire was overthrown), they make no effort to do so and enjoy the gifts that ancestor's blood has granted them. Fire genasi enjoy the company of their own kind and have been known to form elite groups of mages or fighters that hire themselves out on the basis of their skill and heritage. They have been known to adopt the fire genasi children of human parents as well.

Fire genasi have the same life expectancy and age categories as a human.


Most fire genasi in Faerûn are the result of human-efreeti unions that occurred thousands of years ago in Calimshan. These efreet rulers took human lovers, and their half-elemental offspring served their outsider parent as guards, advisors, or diplomats, eventually having children of their own, which as often as not were fire genasi. The overthrow of the genies resulted in a great slaughter and scattering of all the planetouched in that land, and since that time those people carrying the bloodline of efreet have mixed with humans in other lands. Now fire genasi of these bloodlines might be of any human race, and many do not resemble the people of Calimshan at all.

Fire genasi who originate in other lands have no common history, as their bloodlines are rare and unassociated occurrences.


The fire genasi are a proud people, knowing that they are born of great genies. They prefer to dress elegantly and flamboyantly, reveling in their differences and advertising their superior taste and abilities. Fire genasi respect their pure elemental kin, and most treat efreet and other large fire outsiders with a great deal of courtesy and respect, both out of a sense of the creature's power and as a subtle gratitude for their own bloodline-granted talents. Because of their high opinions of themselves, fire genasi often elect themselves the leader and spokesperson of a group, even if they have no particular talents in those areas.

Fire genasi are impatient and don't take well to pursuits that require a lot of time and study. They like to travel, if only to escape the presence of their enemies or people who frustrate them. Fire genasi enjoy collecting treasure, preferring jewelry to bags of coins.

Fire Genasi Characters

Fire genasi make smart fighters, but many follow the barbarian's path instead, because it is easier and espouses the heat of bloodlust. More fire genasi become sorcerers than wizards, even though their natural talents would indicate otherwise. Fire genasi would much rather talk about themselves than other people, and that and their own short tempers make them poor bards. The rare fire genasi who feels the call of the paladin is often the hotheaded, take-no-prisoners sort who risks losing control.

Favored Class: Fighter. The mayhem of combat is easy for someone born of fire to understand.

Prestige Classes: Fire genasi have no particular favorites among the warfare-oriented prestige classes. Many become arcane devotees of fire deities, especially Kossuth.

Fire Genasi Society

Fire genasi are competitive among their kind, but their rivalry is rarely lethal. Even two fire genasi of radically different alignments or philosophies are capable of putting down their swords for a talk on elemental nature and comparative histories, and should they come to blows they are more likely to ask for and grant mercy than slay each other outright. Although they have hot tempers, arguments between fire genasi quickly burn out, although their allies or minions might suffer the smoldering aftereffects.

Other than this friendly banter, fire genasi often go for years without seeing one of their own kind. Descended from beings who have a strong and close (if argumentative) society, fire genasi still have a tendancy to collect in groups when circumstances allow. Children raised by two fire genasi parents see a wide range of emotions in their parents, from phenomenal passion and epic poetry to screaming matches and thrown furniture. This is accepted as normal, and they are taught that a life not lived vigorously is not worth living.

Language and Literacy

Fire genasi share no racial language, although some learn Ignan for the sake of cultivating an exotic air. A fire genasi usually learns the language of her parents and other languages spoken in her native region.

All fire genasi are literate, except for barbarians.

Fire Genasi Magic and Lore

Magic with the Fire descriptor is the obvious place to start, and that in turn means spells from the schools of Conjuration and Evocation.

Spells and Spellcasting

Because they have such good saving throws against fire spells and effects, a fire genasi spellcaster can risk stunts that no other spellcaster dares try, such as centering a fireball on herself. The disparity between Intelligence and Charisma means that most fire genasi arcanists will be wizards, not bards or sorcerers. Their (fireproof) spellbooks are often page after page of fire spells.

Fire Genasi Deities

Fire genasi have no common racial deity. Since fire genasi clerics must choose deities that grant Fire domain, all fire genasi clerics worship Gond, Kossuth, or Talos. Because they are impatient, quite often a fire genasi will advance a short while as a cleric and progress in another class thereafter. Those who are not devout enough to be clerics worship fire deities or martial deities.

Traditionally, few fire genasi worshiped Gond, for he represents the skill of crafting, which requires too much patience for their liking. However, a number of fire genasi have discovered the wonders of smokepowder weapons and now worship the Wonderbringer for the creation of this device. These zealous fusiliers are often hired to guard shipments of the magical explosive.

Kossuth is a favorite among fire genasi, for he represents the apex of the element that grants them their special gifts. They revere his fiery aspect aspect rather than his purification aspect. Kossuth shows no unusual favor toward his fire genasi worshipers.

Talos, the Stormlord, welcomes any worship involving destruction, and some fire genasi enjoy the destructive aspect of their nature so much that Talos is the only clear choice for them. His faith is very popular among fire genasi sorcerers.

Garagos: This old deity is sometimes worshipped by fire genasi barbarians or others that seek destruction within war (as opposed to worshippers of Talos, who seek destruction everywhere). The planetouched that worship him are usually the ones that have given in to the base urges of their fiery blood.

Tempus: This deity is worshipped by most fire genasi that fight for a living, such as soldiers, mercenaries, and gladiators. A group of mercenary fire genasi calling themselves the Bright Burning Company serve the church as elite troops, each owning a flaming weapon.

Relations With Other Races

Fire genasi consider themselves above all other races but accept humans because of their own human blood. Dwarves, gnomes, and halflings are too short to be taken seriously, elves are too focused on the long-term consequences, and half-orcs are too stupid. Earth genasi are too slow to act, water genasi too dispassionate, air genasi too flighty, and aasimar and tieflings too morose. Fire genasi quickly become impatient with the "failings" of other races and rarely make friends with anyone but humans or other fire genasi.

Animals and Pets

Fire genasi prefer pets that are fast and heat-tolerant, such as desert lizards. Some sorcerers who live in the wastelands near Calimshan have found how to acquire a tiny monstrous centipede or tiny monstrous scorpion as a familiar.