Fire Giants

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Fire Giant

Type Spawn
Regions Brogendenstein, Spires


Fire Giant Warrior:

You see a tall creature that vaguely resembles a dwarf grown to gigantic sizes. It has deep red skin with bright red, or orange hair, including facial hair. It wears large, heavy armor and carries a sword easily big enoguh to be twice your height. The blade has flames licking up and down it, with sparks illuminating the area. After speaking a few words in Giant to its kin, the Fire Giant rushes to attack you. [1]

Fire Giant Witch:

A female Fire Giant, just slightly shorter than her brethren, stands before you. She carries a tall, double ended weapon tipped with axe heads on each side. She wears light chainmail armor, and the majority of it seems to be taken up with a flame motif in silve,r red, and gold. She incants several spells towards her allies and you, hoping to change the course of the battle. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.