Fire Knives

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Fire Knives

Fire Knives.JPG
Name Fire Knives
Leaders Unknown
Allies Night Masks
Faction type Thieves and assassins guild
Purpose To expand the guilds influence to other parts of Faerūn
Classes Any that are deemed necessary by the leader.
Races Races

General Description

The Fire Knives are a band of assassins that operate out of the city of Westgate, under the approval of the thieves guild known as the Night Masks. The group is led by Lord Targeth Cormaeril, also referred to as the Grandfather of Assassins. The leader of the agents in Amia is unknown. Agents of the guild operate within all the major cities in Cormyr, as well as Chessenta, the Dalelands and Sembia. They are particularly dangerous for their ability to blend in with high society along with their eagerness to accept almost any job, if only to hone their skills. Recently they have begun expanding, to Amia among others.

In-depth Description

The Fire knives trace their origins back to over four centuries ago, when the founders of the group assembled a rough but ready band of rogues, thugs, and bandits into a loose confederation. This "guild" plied its trade in the southern parts of Cormyr, its numbers rising in relation to its successes. Its predations made the southern roads unsafe for travelers, despite the efforts of the monarchy's soldiers. Eventually the guild boasted many hundreds of skilled and well-trained criminals in its pay as well as many more unskilled thugs and bandits, secretly controlled by nobles whom none would suspect ( nor dare accuse ). Not content with robbing travelers on the high road, the guild members started going after bigger game. Their success led to infamy that nearly proved their undoing.

In 1227 DR, brigands attacked a royal caravan and slew King Dhalmass and his Queen, Jhalass. Blame fell immediately to the Fire Knives. Whether the group was actually guilty of this regicide, or whether it was merely a convenient scapegoat, remains unknown. The current Godfather of Assassins maintains that it was all a setup from the start to finish, and that this was the first in a long series of unfair persecutions against the Fire Knives sponsored by House Obarskyr. Facing execution if apprehended, the members of the Fire Knives went underground and remained in hiding. They quietly reestablished themselves in cities at the borders of Cormyr. However, the incident instilled within their ranks a deep-seated and venomous hatred for the nobility of Cormyr and for House Obarskyr in particular, since that family was at the head of the pack that was calling for the heads of the Fire Knives on a pike.

During the years that followed, as the Fire Knives conducted their customary illicit operations, they also pursued an aggressive agenda of vengeance against the Cormyrian nobility. Their campaign of revenge was quite successful. They and their agents were directly responsible for at least two dozen unexplained deaths among the noble and royal house of Cormyr. But eventually luck or fate ran against them, and they were exposed as the killers of the very popular Lord Belgard Huntsilver in 1341 DR. King Azoun IV, sorely aggrieved by the loss of his childhood friend, ordered a nationwide hunt for the killers, condemning them to permanent banishment from the Forest Kingdom. The exiles took up residence in Tilverton and Westgate, where they sought to rebuild their haggard organization so that they might exact their final revenge on Cormyr and its king. They were nearly broken for good in 1357 DR when their plot to assassinate Azoun IV backfired, killing nearly all of the Westgate members of the organization.

The remaining members of the Fire Knives regrouped once more, slowly and painfully, beginning in 1369 DR when the exiled branches of House Bleth and House Cormaeril arrived in Westgate. Senior people in both families desired greatly to avenge their humiliation by reviving one of Cormyr's most notorious enemies and turning it against their homeland once more.


Most agents of the Fire Knives were born into nobility and thus are well versed in diplomacy, disguise and other hallmarks of high society. That said, Fire Knives employ a wide range of agents, ranging from mere bandits to assassins from shadow. It is known that agents have small tattoos of their symbol in order to recognize one another.


The assassins of the Fire Knives guild tend to coat their weapons in the poison of giant wasps prior to executing a target. They are also not above poisoning their food.

Active Members


Former Members



To talk about joining possibilities, contact Gambit on the forum. Especially welcoming new players.