Flarg Army

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Flarg Army

Flarg Army Flag
Infrequently Used Battlecry: One for alls! Alls for Nak!
Leader "King" Flarg Nak
Requirements Any Non-Good
Alliances None
Former Alliances Ultrinnan
Enemies Bendir Dale
Former Enemies None


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Flargan Army Roster

Flargan Bloodline

"King" Flarg Nak - King of the Flargs
Flarg Dur - 3 Star Flargan General
Flarg Gok - 1 Star Flargan General

Non-Flargan Members

Wufulu - Honorary Flargan Cousin Brother
Sienna - Honorary Flargan Brother
Xane - Honorary Flargan Brother

Inactive Members

Mr. Paws - Extremely dishonorably discharged for spying on Flargan attack on Bendir Dale