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The Flargs are a little known tribe of hobgoblins that inhabit a remote island off the coast of Amia. They are profoundly primitive and crude in their social structure, technology, and behavior, and are generally regarded by those who are aware of their existence as being completely and utterly hopeless as a people. Regardless, the Flargs harbor a powerful ethnocentrism that leads them to dismiss all other races and cultures as substantially inferior to the Flargan way. Coupled with barbaric, territorial and militant diplomacy tactics, the Flargs often prove to be a force to be reckoned with. They worship the typical goblinoid deities, Maglubiyet and Baghtru, and place great value on violence as a social and political tool. Extreme conservatives, their cultural pride is virtually the only cohesive factor in their continuity, allowing them to scrape by just enough to preserve their social norms for the next generation.


The island has yet to be explored by anyone other than the Flargs themselves, who have yet to develop cartography (they dismiss the concept as "nerdy" and "boring"). Consequently, no maps of the island exist, and its exact whereabouts are controversial. Some Flargs claim it is South of Amia, but this claim is weakened by the fact that no Flarg has ever been able to successfully find their way back after leaving. Furthermore, no foreigners who have visited the island have ever returned, since it considered the Flargan holy land and any non-Flargs who step foot upon it are brutally sacrificed by the inhabitants. The island is described by the Flargs as a paradise, a beautiful piece of land sculpted by the gods themselves with the love and care of a new mother. They claim it has all the resources they need: plenty of grubs and insects for food, delicious swamp water for drinking, several caves with just enough dampness to be comfortable, and all of the tasty tree fungus one could ever want. The Flargs are not known to export any products or trade at all (they claim that Flargan-made objects are "way betters" than those of other cultures), and any items crafted on the island that make their way into the hands of non-Flargs are generally considered laughable in quality. The materials used usually consist of crude stone, weak swamp trees, and itchy animal hide, indicative of the resources available to them.

Social Structure

Flargan society is extremely patriarchal. Males make all the decisions, no matter the topic. Female Flargs have never been seen off the island, and it is purported that they are kept in cages and forbidden to speak unless it is really, really important. Male Flargs have been reported as believing that females were placed on Toril solely for janitorial duties, food preparation, dealing with crying infants, serving as living punching bags, and "bonky-bonky."

The males spend most of their time fighting amongst themselves for status, and outbreaks of violence are a dialy, expected occurance. Conflicts are often fatal, and cannibalism of the corpses is universally accepted (the Flargs believe that upon ingesting a fallen adversary, they acquire the individuals strength). The average life expectancy of a Flarg is around seven years, but high birthrates greatly counteract the staggering mortality rates. Their society is very militant, and prestige is ascribed to warriors first and foremost. Religious leaders and shamans are also highly regarded, for their are recognized as the knowers of the divine path of Flargdom.

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