Forest of Despair

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The Forest of Despair is located on the Western end of Amia, and is often referred to as the sister forest of Amia Forest. It is a large forest and it's not uncommon for adventurers to get lost in it while looking for a specific objective. It has a number of roads going in and out of it that will be detailed below. Long ago, it used to be the second, and final lair of Forestgloom, a deceased member of the Dark Flight of Tiamat.

It has gone through a number of stages of occupation in its lifetime, the earliest of which that most will remember is the Drow and Ettin occupation. The Drow would eventually be forced back into their entrance into the Underdark, an entrance that still exists today. Soon after this, an occupation force of Hobgoblins and Displacer Beasts took over the forest. It was during this time that the heaviest casualties occured, as the Hobgoblins were especially fierce and unrelenting in their attacks. Perhaps it was these unrelenting murders that were the source of the next occupation: A wave of Undead that moved in and took over, causing the Forest of Despair to truly earn its current name. These undead were powerful, but slow, so passersby could usually flee away from them before they could do any harm. Clerics and Paladins from nearby Wharftown, from the Temple of Selune would later move in and clear out the source of the hauntings. With the forest returning the normal, worshippers of Malar moved in, and today, Lycanthropes and other were-creatures roam the Forest of Despair, hunting all who come within their territory.

Points of interest in the Forest of Despair

  • The Temple of Malar.
  • The entrance to the Electric Castle in the North Eastern area.
  • A entrance to the Underdark, also in the North Eastern area.
  • The former Tower of Mystra which is now in ruins, located in the center area of the forest, across a large bridge closing the gap of a great chasm.
  • A portal to the Abyss near the Tower of Mystra's ruins.

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