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Info from Disco, on the DM forums, placed here.

Geographical details

The island Forrstakkr lies north-west of Amia. It's basically an old volcano peak, called Mt. Firth, with some land around it. Most of the island is covered with forests. The climate makes Brogendenstein seem like a sauna, and the amount of light never goes past dusk levels. One of the most outstanding features of the island is the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. This phenomenon doesn't just serve as disco lights, but also fills the area with stray magic. As a result most of the wildlife is almost immune to spell effects and the dead are quite restless as well. Another striking feature of Forrstakkr is the Firnannog glacier.


The island can be reached by boat in two days (from Cordor and Uhm). In fact, it is dependent on the import of food and raw materials to survive. The people that colonised this island are humans that lived in the Brogendenstein area. With the expansion of dwarf activity they decided to look for another home ('nothing against stunties but they 'ent like us'). The settlers reached the north of Forrstakkr and established Howness. After a while there was some infighting and a new settlement was made in the south of the island: Thordstein. The most recent addition to the island is the Thykkvi Monastary‎ in the east. The monastery doubles as a small guard outpost which secures the import of grain from Amia.


The people from Howness are very traditional and wary about anything they see as 'foreign'. To gain the trust of a Hownessian is a feat indeed, and almost impossible to attain for non-humans. The people from Thordstein are slightly more approachable, and this was one of the reasons they chose to follow their own fate.


The main export products of Howness are pelts and skins. The main attraction, however, is the fact that it's so bloody cold there. Many of the larger merchant houses in Amia have a storage there to protect their valuable goods from decay, pests, and light damage. The headquarters of the Amian Traders Federation are located in Howness as well. Thordstein manages it's own income by mining rare mineral deposits, and hiring out themselves as guards and soldiers.


There's a Gnomish Testing Range on a small island nearby. This is deadly if you do not read the signs, but it also sells some nice gadgets. Humour and some cheesy situations play a great role all over the mod, and I tried to flesh out the surroundings and people as much as possible. DnD purists will hate this island, I am afraid. It's based on Islandic Sagas, Beowulf, and common sense. I didn't use any DnD book, PDF, or link."