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Type Spawn
Race Goblinoid
Regions Amia Frontier, Barrow Lake

For Goblins as player characters, please see the entry for Goblin.

Game Description


These small, evil humanoids would be merely pests, if not for their greater numbers. They have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths and small, sharp fangs. Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes are usually dull and glazed. They always walk upright, but their arms hang down almost to their knees. Their skin colors range from yellow through any shade of orange to a deep red. Usually a single tribe has members all of about the same color skin. Their eyes vary from bright red to a gleaming lemon yellow. They wear clothing of dark leather, tending toward dull soiled-looking colors.


Goblins look to be small humanoids, standing 3 to 3 and a half feet tall and weigh about 45 pounds. Their faces have a resemblance to monkeys, being flat and broad. Their ears are pointed much like and go up. Sharp teeth can tear flesh as quickly as any carnivore, watch out for your fingers. They have long arm, their hands come to their knees. The skin and eye colour range from tribe to tribe. The most common tribe of goblins on the Amian isle are orange in colour, though there is a competing, albeit smaller, tribe that is yellow coloured.

Goblins band together in large groups which can grow into societies ranging up to the hundreds. On Amia they have continuously been at odds with other tribes of goblins, kobolds or adventurers that have come to cull them them down since they harass the farmers livestock. They make up for this in numbers and an ability to produce rapidly. Children and women are kept in the deepest layers of the caves they call home. The higher the goblin's rank, the closer they will be to their chieftain. Generally, goblins encountered outside the caves are the low ranking scavengers and hunters. Rank is determined through strength and trickery; therefore it is not uncommon to hear goblin tribes being lead by hobgoblins or other, dominant figures. Goblins prime deity is Maglubiyet, the battle lord. A violent deity that calls for blood sacrifice and war.

Goblins use short swords, daggers, maces, handaxes and shortbows as their primary weapons. While the bulk of the tribe can barely be called trained, there are a few that show actual combat experience. For example, the scouts out hunting are known to use poisoned arrows. However even a common goblin can still call one of their stinkpots. A burning goo that explodes when the pot is thrown on the ground. Some have learnt the most vulnerable places of the body to strike, do not let them out of sight, while others have learned the basics of the berserker. Those who can prove to be the most hampering are their priests, they cast spells of fear and doom, will heal their companions and will not hesitate to use negative energy on trespassers.

In Amia, goblins are most commonly found in the frontier area around the city of Cordor.


Poison arrows
Sneak Attacks