Frontier Kobolds

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Frontier Kobold.jpg

Frontier Kobolds are Kobolds that live in mainly the Eastern portion of the Amia Frontier. They often war with the goblins, and raid the nearby farmlands. They are relatively weak, and most adventurers can dispatch of them easily. The Kobolds that roam the surface are scouts, armed predominantly with shortswords, and crossbows. The Crossbowmen are especially dangerous, and they use serpent venom arrows, which are capable of dangerously weakening the unprepared adventurer.

With their caves, the kobolds become far more dangerous. The traveller will find skilled warriors, zealotous Shamans, and sneaky Rogues, along with the warriors found on the surface. Deeper levels also contain crazed Kobold Barbarians, who, with their warlike cries and screeches and large axes, have been known to unnerve more than one adventurer. The Kobold High Priest is surrounded by his legion of bodyguards on the lowest level of the Caves, and is the strongest kobold in the Hierarchy. Only one High Priest exists at a time, and when he passes on, a new Shaman is promoted to take his place. High Priests are given a special amulet as a token of their position, and newer adventurers prize these amulets for their protective power, and insight granting abilities.

In short, as long as the prospective traveller stays on the roads, they should have minimal trouble from the Kobolds. However, hiring bodyguards might not be a bad idea. For the thrillseeker, the caves offer the best thrill of the hunt, but at much more risk to life and limb.