Frontier Orc Lair

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This deep cave system is on the very north end of the Amia Frontier. Adventurers will know they've found it if they see a small cliff with an Idol to Gruumsh near a large open cave mouth.

Once inside the cave, adventurers will descend a spiral staircase before coming to the first developed cavern. Mostly likely, every large open room like this will contain a set of Orc guards. Adventurers should also be aware that many of the narrow corridors are home to a series of traps, the nature of which tend to change as the Orcs re-set them when adventurers spring them and, subsequently, get killed.

The first layer of the orc caves consists of a system of big open rooms conencted by thin corridors. The main point of interest is a large lake with stepping stone connected by wooden planks. This room is often home to a very large number of orcs, almost entirey bow using orcs, takig advantage of the large pool of water to fire away unhindered. Adventurers should exercise caution in this room, as its common to be outnumbered by the orcs by a 3 to 1 or even a 4 to 1 ratio. However, if this room can be pased, it is almost certain that your adventuring squad can handle nearly anything else the cavern can throw at you.

The entrance to the second level is often locked and trapped by the Orcs. If you cannot pick and disable the door yourself, you will need to take a detour into te side room and wrangle with the Orc Chieftain and acquire his key.

The second level is differet from the first slightly. The front half of it is essentially one large open cavern. The back half is a winding series of corridors that lead to the main chamber, where the High Priest of Gruumsh does his nefarious deeds. Defeating him will surely take every bit of wit and skill that you have, so come prepared if you intend to fight him.

Generally, only adventurers will ever have a reason to go into these caves. Your typical caravanner is trying to stay as far away as possible, not go inside.

Nearby points of interest would be the Bloodmoon Pass to the west, and Bendir Dale directly north.