Frost Giants

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Frost Giants

Type Spawn
Regions Brogendenstein


Frost Giant Hurler:

This Frost Giant carries a large greatsword in one hand, but the real threat seems to be what's in his other hand: A giant chunk of rock, ripped straight from the side of the mountain. He hurls it at you, and then kneels down to pick another rock off the ground to ready himself for another toss. [1]

Frost Giant Mage:

The Brogendenstein Tribe of Frost Giants is well known for having two specific castes based on gender: The men take up weapons and combat training, and the women are trained in a variety of magical arts. This one has a heavy, hoary robe trimmed with bear fur, and although she carries a blade, it's clear that her strength comes from the magic glistening around her, and the arcane energy swirling around her free hand. [1]

Frost Giant Ranger:

This female stands out among the others. She doesn't have too much in the way of magical gear, but she carries a falchion in one hand, and has light leather armor, trimmed with fur. If you had to make a guess, she appears to be a huntress of some sort, though her size means she'd be walking through the forests on a very literal level. She whispers to her blade, and a sharp gleam runs along the edge. She then rushes to the attack. [1]

Frost Giant Sniper:

This male giant is wearing chain armor, but no helm. In two hands he carries a Crossbow that seems easily six and a half feet long, with bolts almost four feet long. When the bolts hit, they seem to flash freeze the area around them, if it wasn't frozen already. These giants stand behind their brethren and work as effective ranged support. [1]

Frost Giant Stormcaller:

An interesting sight on the mountain, this giant bears a long spear, nearly as tall as she is. The tip seems to be made of crystallized ice, honed to a knife's edge. She wears armor decorated in animal skulls, and raises the spear to the sky. Above her, a winter storm brews, and chunks of ice and the occasional thunderbolt sear down from the sky towards you.[1]

Frost Giant Warrior:

The word for this Frost Giant would be "Normal". When parents tell children tales of marauding giants, this is what comes to mind: A tall, powerful man, with a white beard edged with frost, carrying a large greataxe. He wears heavy paltemail armor, and a big helm with a ndoeguard and two pointed horns. As he sees you approach, he yells a warcry in Giant and thunders towards you, bringing the axe down so hard in makes atremor in the ground. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.