Frozen Cave

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The Frozen Caves were once the home of Icingdeath, a member of the Dark Flight of Tiamat. When he was slain, the area was taken over by the indigenous fauna of the area, and now the top of the food chain is a terrible Snow Beast.

The Frozen Caves can be divided into two distinct sections, though neither section is all that different from the other. The southern section can be accessed from the Frozen Wastes closest to the city of Brogendenstein, and the northern section can be accessed via a sunken cave entrance near the Manor of Mourn, in the northern part of the Frozen Wastes.

The Caves themselves are infested with the Frozen Fauna, and so are relatively dangerous to anyone trying to travel through them. There's not much of a reason to inside them though, unless you were hunting the beasts, so this is rarely a problem. There have been a few instances of treasure hunters looking for old Icingdeath's hoard that have gotten lost and killed though.

There are no points of interest within the cave itself. It's one giant chunk of ice, snow, and dirt. Frankly, unless you're a hunter, it's not very fun to be in or around, but then again, a lot of Brogendenstein is like that. Cold and inhospitable.