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Genasi Council


The creation of the Genasi Council was sparked by the wizard and Fire Genasi Janus Amraphenson in the aftermath of the mistreatment and abusive captivity of an Air Genasi by the name of Windiara Bluesoul at the hands of the Cordor Guard. The purpose of the council was to provide a formal and cohesive voice to speak on behalf of the elemental Planetouched in the matters of civic rights in Cordor, particularly during open meetings of the city council, and to provide a visible organization to go to for Genasi that wished to have community support. The Genasi Council would address the needs and issues of any Genasi, pooling resources to achieve peaceful and beneficial results. A quartet of representatives was made for each of the cardinal elements to speak for their specific elemental brethren and provide their perspective on matters that concerned the Genasi community as a whole.

Although the council arranged their own meetings and attended city council meetings to represent Genasi interests and rights in Cordor and to establish and better the Planetouched community, the melting pot of elemental and often opposing archetypes unsurprisingly eventuated in the council going their separate ways, although the council members continued to work loosely with each other in a less formal capacity.

Meetings were held in the Cordor Festival Grounds, and non-Genasi were often invited to sit in and provide an outside perspective. Before the council drifted apart, there had been efforts to extend the formation of a cohesive community to the disorganized Dragon-kin with Rras-Rarri.

Council Members

Janus Amraphenson served as the representative for the Fire Genasi.
Zenith al'Nazir served as the representative for the Earth Genasi until she later yielded the position to an actual Earth Genasi, Al'Tustra, once he had made up his mind about it.
Windiara Bluesoul served as the representative for the Air Genasi until it was later assumed by Zenith al'Nazir.
The representative for the Water Genasi remained vacant for a time, apparently out of disinterest by the local Aquans, until Kaimana's bid to serve was contested by Astronomus and he summarily assumed the role.