Gibbering Mouther

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Gibbering Mouther

Gibbering Mouther.jpg
Type Spawn
Race Aberration
Regions Barrow Lake

Game Description

Gibbering Mouther

With the form and fluid motion of an amoeba, the "surface" of this creature has the color of human flesh. Countless eyes and toothy mouths constantly form and disappear all over the unnatural being, spewing a blue-green, acidic substance. Most disturbing of all is the constant, maddening, babbling sound which emanates from the various mouths.


A gibbering mouther looks like a giant flesh-colored slug, moving much like an ooze. This creature's form is unstable, all over it's body eyes and mouths are created and absorbed again. This change happens too fast to count how many of each are present on average. A gibbering mouther is about 3 feet tall and equally long.

Fortunately gibbering mouthers are only encountered alone, though they seems to coexist with the gibberlings in barrow lake. If the gibbering of the gibberlings does not drive you mad, the never-ending gibbering of the multiple mouths will drive you insane. The sound is so overwhelming it can leave someone in a state of confusion. The gibbering mouther's other attacks further derive from their mouths. They will protrude their mouths to bite and grab the target. Given the chance they will try to engulf their pray.

Gibbering mouthers feed on blood, draining the blood of the assaulted creature as soon as one of their mouths manages to latch on. Perhaps this is the reason they coexist with the gibberlings. If the latter's blood is as foul as the rest of the creature, it will not serve as prey for the gibbering mouther. Despite their looks, mouthers are excellent swimmers so fleeing to the water will not protect you.


Feeds on blood.
Continuous gibbering will cause confusion.
Will grab and try to engulf their prey.