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Type Spawn
Race Monstrous Humanoid
Regions Barrow Lake

Game Description


The pandemonium before you is actually a mass of pale, hunchbacked humanoids, with pointed ears, black manes and grinning faces. Their eyes are black, and shine with maniacal gleam.


This little slug is growing before your very eyes, sprouting fur and legs and arms.


Small humanoids and aggressive creatures, gibberlings attack in large groups trying to swarm over their opponents. Their coloration ranges from a palish pink to a gray tan with their bodies covered in black, oily fur. They are hunchbacked and have beast-like heads with fangs and black eyes. Gibberlings stand 3 to 4 feet tall with rarer examples standing to 5 feet. They have piercing voices and will constant be gibbering, which explains their name.

Gibberlings are rarely alone and unchecked they can grow to hordes. These creatures are utter violent and will attack any prey until either they or it are dead. They are simple beings that will use weapons only if they are near. Their strategic advantage lies in their numbers. They are not so strong but will try to swarm over their prey. They also slobber over everything, gibberling saliva actually burning and strong enough to affect wood, leather and steel given time. The continuous gibbering is unnerving, especially when the larger and louder examples start such. One needs to remain focus or will be distracted by it.

Gibberlings reproduce in a parasitic way. The large examples can inject larvae into a prey's body. This living gibberling brood feeds on the inside of the hosts body until large enough. When this happens, they rupture the skin from inside out and will crawl to safety. As soon as they leave the body these larva wil visibly start growing up to a full fledged gibberling. Their quick reproduction and destructive nature make them a risk for an infestation. Gibberling skin, fur or flesh has no practical uses.


Corrosive saliva.
Constant gibbering which will unnerve and distract.
The injection of flesh eating larvae which can quickly grow into a new gibberling.