Glorag Mur

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Glorag Mur is an ancient golem laboratory, run by a maddened, psychotic Gnome. He continues to make golems to this day, and his creations run amuck in the ruins, attacking anyone who comes by, friendly or hostile.

The Laboratory is divided into several sections. The first section appears to have been some sort of testing grounds, with large open rooms, and arcane symbols all around. There are also some side corridors with desks, work papers scattered about, and so forth. The majority of it has been lost to time, but there are a number of papers in the area that the inquisitive adventurer could get ahold of and read.

Below this first testing ground area, one enters a place that looks much like a dungeon in appearance. The area is rusted and filled with barred cells, torture implements, and other gory bits and bobbles, interspersed with golem parts and pieces. This area is one of the surest signs that the Gnome within has gone entirely insane, and that communication with him is probably impossible for most to accomplish.

The furthest back area is the bedroom and personal chambers of the creator himself, and though no one exactly knows how he's lived this long, it's a good guess that it probably isn't a wholesome method. He is known to attack anyone that comes back into his area, from within his giant mecha-battle suit.