Gold Dwarf

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Generally residing in the South in the immediate area surrounding the Great Rift, the Gold Dwarves are the dominate southern branch of dwarves.

Around four foot tall, and weighing as much as a full grown human, thanks to being short and stocky. Their skin is light brown to deep tan, often with (esp. males) finely groomed beards.

They are proud of their heritage and themselves, and often believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and bear a consistent and strong amount of confidence in what they do. They tend to measure people by the wealth and honour they gain, in addition to their heritage. They strongly believe that the ancient traditions of the Deep Realm are best, and live by the them to the letter.

Unlike the shield dwarves, the gold dwarves maintained their great kingdom in the Great Rift and did not decline in terrible wars against evil humanoids. While they practiced some magic, they never acquired the hubris that caused the downfall of some human nations. Confident and scure in their remote home, the gold dwarves gained a reputation for haughtiness and pride.

Since the Thunder Blessing, many young gold dwarves have left the Great Rift and are exploring the rest of Faerun. The folk of other lands have learned that while some gold dwarves are aloof and suspicious, for the most part they are forthright warriors and shrewd traders.

Racial Traits

  • Abilities: +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity;
  • Feat: Favoured Enemy (Aberrations)
  • Favoured Class; Fighter