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Picture: “Male Half-Drow.”
Favorite Class Any
Racial Modification: Abilities: Default NWN Half-Elf
Racial Modification: Feats Darkvision
Regognized Keywords halfdrow


The Half-Drow are a mix of two races whom most people would never expect to mix: the Drow of the Underdark, and a normal human. Most instances of Half-Drow children born in the Underdark never see the light of day, as they are either murdered by the Drow at birth, or live a short, harsh violent life as a slave. In some instances, however, a half-Drow child is born to a human-Drow coupling, where the Drow lives on the surface, and is perhaps Eilistraeean, or otherwise escaped from the clutches of that dark place beneath the sand and soul. These Half-Drow find some small measure of acceptance, and at the very least, a family that cares for them, but they often find that life outside of their home is just as difficult as a life below. Intolerance and a hatred for the Drow race abounds on on the surface, and many find themselves treated just as badly as a full blooded member of their race.

Half Drow look much like Half Elves, though they bear the traits of their drow parent, instead of their Elf parent. Dusky skin, or grey-white hair, or even the infravision red eyes are common traits for a Half Drow to have.[1]


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