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This is a Human subrace.

Halruaans are the descendants the refugees of Netheril who fled the destruction of their Empire and settled in the southern coastal area (where they intermarried with the local Lapalese)and formed the magocratic oligarchy of what is now Halruaa. Halruaans are proud of their Netherese inheritance and their aptitude towards magic. However, their land is composed of rules and regulations that govern their lives. They are a proud and ambitious group and rivalries and conspiracies are common. Skin and hair color range from light to dark due to the mixed heritage of Netheril and Lapal.

While not every Halruaan is a wizard, they tend to act as if they are. Public education is offered in Halruaa to the age of five, which is also the age that children are screened for magical aptitude. Those who are capable of the Art undergo more specialized schooling and students often master cantrips the time they are fifteen. The true Art is wizardry for Halruaans, who view sorcery as a dangerously undisciplined and primitive approach to magic. Sorcerers are often persecuted, and as a result, many downplay the extent of their powers or leave the country.

Halruaans tend to be Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good, and they commonly worship Azuth and Mystra.

Halruaans have their own language, Halruaan.

Examples of names in the Halruaan language:

  • Male: Aldym, Chand, Hostegym, Meleghost, Presmer, Sandrue, Tethost, Uregaunt
  • Female: Aithe, Alaethe, Chalan, Oloma, Phaele, Sarade, Vosthyl
  • Surnames: Avhoste, Darants, Gedreghost, Maurmeril, Stamaraster, Zorastryl

Racial Traits

  • Favored Class: Wizard
  • +2 Int, -2 Con, -1 Wis
  • Bonus Feat: Courteous Magocracy