Hammer of Moradin

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The Hammer of Moradin

The Hammer of Moradin of Amia is a rather lately founded group of dwarves willing to defend their new home Barak Runedar of Brogendenstein from all foes. The Hammer of Moradin in Amia is under the control of the current Thane, but is practically lead by a Hammerbearer, a leader chosen by the Thane to take care of the defences of the keep, hold or city.

The Hammer of Moradin has honourary titles for all its members to describe their qualification in battle and leadrship. The titles are as follows:

Hammerbearer: The leader of the Hammer of Moradin. This title resembles how the leader "carries" the Hammer to battle and uses it to crush the enemy. He/She has been chosen to lead Hammer of Moradin in battle, and to take care and plan all of its businesses.

Silverbeard: As beards and valuable metals and matrials are close to all dwarves the right hand, the "2nd in command", of the Hammer of Moradin is called a Silverbeard. He/She has proven himself/herself worthy of taking a lot of responsibility and even take over command if needed. This title should be carried proudly.

Silvershield: The "lesser form" of the Silverbeard. Silvershield is like a noncommissioned officer, and is the next to take over the title of Silverbeard. He has been deemed worthy to also take care of small groups and to become the new right hand of the Hammerbearer in due time.

Stonebeard: Stonebeards have been awarded the title due to their actions in the field. They are recognized as "the unquestioned elite" of the dwarves and are enjoying the undying trust and admire of others.

Stoneshield: Stoneshields are the basic soldiers of the Hammer of Moradin, and most of them are usually new to the group for in time all members will be awarded with the title of Stonebeard. They still are not worse than the others since they have got into the Hammer of Moradin, and even that is something not everyone can acchieve.