Hands Of Ieriyn

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Hands of Ieriyn
Hands of Ieriyn
"Let all on whom Selune's light falls be welcome if they desire."
Location Wharftown
Established 1381 DR
Faction Type Special Militia
Colors Blue, Silver, White
Leader Aedan Terallis
Alignment Neutral Good
Races Unrestricted
Faiths Selune, Other Allied
Affiliations Treaty of Light
Status Active

General Description

The Hands of Ieriyn (also known as "the Hands") are Wharftown's standing militia founded to protect the sovereignty of the settlement of Wharftown and safeguard the lives of its citizens.

Named after Ieriyn, "the Sailor's Star" which always points due North, the Hands are not only protectors, but guides. They handle the settlement's diplomacy with other organizations and governments, arbitrate interpersonal conflict between citizens, and lead in times of war.

The Hands also strive to uphold the friendly, welcoming nature of the town, influenced by the teachings of the Moonmaiden: "Let all on whom Selune's light falls be welcome if they desire." They are accepting and tolerant of all those of good intent, regardless of race. But those who have proved to be a danger to the settlement are dealt with harshly.

In-depth Description

Originally formed by Alanna Molov of Wharftown, the Hands of Ieriyn was formed as a force to do good for Wharftown and all of its people. As per the name, the group was formed to serve as Ieriyn, the Sailor's Star, does. Members guide those in need when they may be lost, confused, or otherwise in need of aid. The Hands also serves in Wharftown as something of a higher militia to safeguard the town and its people against possible threats that may go beyond what just the militia can handle. Members often take patrols along the coast and surrounding areas to deal with potential rises in offensive activity, whether as simple as banditry to the possibility of the undead in the nearby Crypt of the Burning Dead pouring out into the area.

Members of the Hands also serve as commanders and ambassadors to the town itself. During war time, they stand at the head of the soldiers, leading them into battle. But outside of war, they serve as ambassadors and diplomats for Wharftown and its allies. They maintain friendly ties with surrounding towns, even those not directly involved with the Treaty of Light.

While not everyone in the Hands follows the Moonmaiden, the group upholds the strong beliefs of those who do follow her: to be accepting and tolerant of anyone with good intent, no matter what race they may be - and in rare cases dependent on circumstance, regardless of religion. However at the same time, their greatest belief is that those who are a danger to the town or who seek to harm it in any way will be dealt with in a harsh manner.

The Hands accepts members who do not follow Selune as long as such members respect those who do. All members are expected to acknowledge that Wharftown comes before all, except where that duty may conflict with her own deity's teachings. For instance, if a druid member of the Hands knows of a forest burning down - and Wharftown is also being attacked - that Druid may forego her responsibilities in Wharftown in order to aid the forest in need. As long as members do not abuse this allowance in order to abandon important duties for unimportant reasons, this will never lead to reprimand.

Active Members

Aedan Terallis, Captain, PC
Miakoda Brynvald, Lieutenant, PC
Rook (Mary), Lieutenant, PC
Doran, Sergeant, NPC
Gavin of Valkur, Sergeant, NPC
Dixon, Sergeant, NPC
Alexhi Delatres, Private, PC
Rook (tiefling), Private, PC
Sandrox, Private, PC
Laisaght Ashegrove, Private, PC

Former Members

Alanna Molov, Former Captain
Valerius Everguard, Former Sergeant
Saylgarix, Former Major