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1. The Basics
2. A new character
3. First steps on Amia
4. Troubleshooting

Creating your character

Now you find yourself looking at the menu where you can choose to create a new character or pick one you've already made. If you are at a loss about what to create or even how to begin a few guides have been made to help you out.

These guides aim at helping you develop a personality or can offer ideas as to how you can make a character.

For those looking for advice for the more technical character creating, your character build, look here;

If you are looking for more specific racial or class information this wiki offers plenty of insight. Also be sure to check the the sidebar on the Amia homepage

If you have any specific questions you can always try to search the forum, there is a good question someone asked the question before.

Now with a newly made character you are ready to take your first steps on the mystical isle of Amia

Continue the tutorial with your first steps on Amia