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1. The Basics
2. A new character
3. First steps on Amia
4. Troubleshooting

First Steps

As you enter the server you will in an OOC starting area. Here you can activate your subrace you might have chosen or preform minor character maintaince with ACM.

Clicking on the mirror in the hall will give you an list of places you may start. The best place to start if you are new is Cordor. The city has most basic needs and is easily one of the most populated cities on Amia. Drow however start in Ultrinnan which is the underdark hub. There is a few other places you may start as well depending on your race. Eg Winya is the elven city though it is not tuned towards beginners and any newcomers starting there might have a hard time as there is no beginner quests nor low level stores.

As you enter the enter the mystical and highly addictive world of Amia please keep a few things in mind;

  • Try to stay IC (In Character) as much as possible.
  • Players are here to enjoy themselves while playing the game and interacting with eachother
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions in tells to other players if there is something on your mind.

There is also a lot of information in your journal about Amia and most commonly asked questions. Remember you can also make your own notes, they will be stored if you log off and be back the next time.

For short guide about using the NWN Chat Engine on Amia and some basic server/NWN terminology, check out chat and terminology. Remember that the chat engine is the key to Roleplaying, and knowing it well will save you a lot of learning time in game!

Now you are ready to take first steps on Amia and have a good time!

Problems? Here's some troubleshooting