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1.The Basics
2. A new character
3. First steps on Amia
4. Troubleshooting

Step by step to Amia

Becoming a part of the community

Before you log in on the Amia server, you should register yourself on the AmiaWorld forum to access vital information, rules and lore. Of course you can enter our world as the newcomer your character will be, but for your own convenience it is recommended to join the forums before.
To become a member on the AmiaWorld forum, go to this page.

Download custom content

Please make sure to take the following measures for a optimal experience on Amia!

Amia has recently begun to utilize haks to add more custom content to the server for the enjoyment of players. These haks are required to play and you won't be able to enter the server without them.

0(absolutely required) Download the haks here
1. Download the custom heads here.
2. Download the custom hands and feet here.
3. Download the custom portraits used by other players here. Please Read before requesting your own portrait to be included!
To have your own custom portrait included in it, contact TormakSaber on this e-mail address:
4 Download the alternative combat animations here

Log in!

To avoid being a cause of lag on the server, it is strongly recommended that you use the direct connect system. To use it, click the Direct Connect-button in the GameSpy Server List, and enter Amia's IP-adress (for server A) or (serber b) in the appropriate field and hit Enter.

Continue the tutorial by creating your character