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Herbs, Plants and Berries

  • Athelas Leaves (Athelas Plant)
    The leaves of the Athelas plant. Reputed to have magical healing properties when used correctly.
  • Belladonna
    A rare plant that seems to have an adverse effect on were-creatures. The plant is used like a potion and will temporarily protect the user from shapechanger attacks.
  • Butterfly Mushroom
    Many fungi are known to have strange effects upon the senses. This one is known to enforce the will of those who swallow the petal shaped leaves of its cap.
  • Chinchona Bark (Chinchona Tree)
    The bark of a Chinchona Tree. Known to clerics to have powers to prevent illness.
  • Duir Bark (Duir tree)
    Lightning Scarred Bark of the Great Duir tree. Should only be carried by members of the Circle Of Balance
  • Feverfew
    The leaves from this shrub can serve both as painkiller and to reduce fevers.
  • Fenberry (Fenberry Bush)
    Berries made by the fenberry bush.
  • Fire root
    A type of chlorophyll-lacking fern that grows near steam pools in the upper areas of the Underdark. If it is cooled past room temperature (60 degrees) it bursts into flame. Fortunately it produces its own heat, as well as a terrible sulphorus stench.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is well known as a herb for flavoring foods. It also is used to repulse vampires.
  • Glow Berries (Glow Berry Bush)
    A favoures remedy of shamans and wood witches for the treatment of warts.
  • Greenbrier Root (Greenbrier Plant)
    The roots of a tangled, thorned shrub that can be made into an ointment to treat skin rashes.
  • Hallowseeds (Hallowseed plant)
    Small, blue-white seeds that have anti-toxic properties.
  • Heart of the Forest
    An extremely rare plant found in deep woodland areas. Crushed and drunk in hot water it is known to bestow healing effects.
  • Ironwood (Ironwood tree)
    The material druids use to create armor and weapons with the same strength of metal weapons but reduced weight.
  • Morning Glory
    The Leaves have healing properties when harvested by the light of the rising sun.
  • Odd White Seeds (Beautiful Shrub)
    Seeds of Perfection. Rarest of the rare, these seeds bestow great benefits when chewed.
  • Pipe Herbs
    Perfectly legal
  • Illegal Pipe Herbs
    Perfectly Illegal variety, said to be circulated around the seedier circles on the Amian isle.
  • Rose Lily
    Even its perfume creates a feeling of well-being and chewing the flower has almost miraculous healing properties.
  • Sweetberry (Sweetbush)
    The Sweetberry is a highly prized item for Cordorian children, to others, completely useless.
  • Spider's Eye Root (Spider's Eye Plant)
    The root of the so-called Spider's Eye plant. Doesn't have an obvious benign use.
  • Tarranan
    A small weed that grows only beneath the Great Duir tree, it is said to have electrical properties granted by the Thunder God, Taranis.
  • Volcanis Oak Seed
    Large and strangely shaped seeds.

Various groups that deal with herbs are said to know what the effects of various herbs are able to do.

It is also rumored there is a person somewhere on the isle that knows how to make posions for those who can bring the right herbs to him or her.

Dye Components

Please do not add the locations to find these

  • Black Petals
    Used to make pure black cloth dye
  • Black Root
    Used to make pure black leather dye
  • Gold Dust
    Used to make gold dye
  • Nexus Waters
    Used to make pure white leather dye
  • Obsidian Ore
    Used to make pure black metal dye
  • Shiny Metal
    Used to make reflective dye
  • White Petals
    Used to make pure white cloth dye

Trap Components

For use with the craft trap skill

  • Acid Flask
    Used to make Acid traps
  • Alchemist's Fire
    Used to make Fire traps
  • Caltrops
    Used to make Spike traps
  • Choking Powder
    Used to make Gas traps
  • Coldstone
    Used to make Frost traps
  • Holy Water
    Used to make Divine traps
  • Quartz Crystal
    Used to make Electric traps
  • Skeleton Knuckle's
    Used to make Negative Energy traps
  • Tanglefoot Bag
    Used to make Tangle traps
  • Thunderstone
    Used to make Sonic traps


  • Branch of Giving
    Grows two berries a day, which can be fed to your animal companion boosting its power significantly.
  • Dragon Blood
    The blood of a dragon.
  • Fairy Dust
    This is the dust that comes from small fey creatures such as pixies or grigs.
  • Formian Honeycomb
    Grants its user increased reflexes through either a bonus to Dexterity, or haste.
  • Hemp
    Used to create ropes.
  • Icingdeath's Scale
    A scale from a dragon, glittering a striking bright white. Grants 25% immunity to cold for 24 hours.
  • Spices
    This is the dust that comes from small fey creatures such as pixies or grigs
  • Beetle Queen's Scale
    A scale from a large arthropod, of a brilliant green colouration. Grants 25% immunity to acid for 24 hours.
  • Windreaper's Scale
    A dragon scale, coloured in a sapphire blue. Grants 25% immunity to electric for 24 hours.