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Hidden Glade

The Hidden Glade's Symbol
Hidden Glade “To live with nature is to live in an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”
Location Island of Caraigh
Voice of the Glade Eldainia
Arch Druid None
Previous Archdruids Theos Gend
Captain of the Rangers None
Previous Captain of the Rangers Eowmir te Baru
Residents Upholders of balance. Mainly Rangers and Shifters.
Joining the Glade Vote of circle council upon matter of new applicant
Faiths Silvanus,Mielikki, various neutral deities.
Purpose Restoring and upholding balance, fight against taint upon Caraigh, offering guidance and training to those willing to be taught in paths of ranger and druid, as well as guidance to those who wish to learn how to live with land in balance.


The Hidden Glade is a small faction of Neutral characters. This mainly consists of Druids, Rangers and Shifters, but also includes Fey and other natural types.


We serve The Balance, above all. The Glade is dedicated to nature and the balance, and tries to distance it's self from various plays of politics of civilization. Unlike the Grove, we do not get caught up in the petty squabbles of the Island. We are devoted only to The Balance.

"An ever growing network comprised of uniquely skilled individuals from various backgrounds and specialties, the Hidden Glade is bound to one another by the bonds of kinship...and duty. We strive to be ever attentive to the signs of trouble or unrest in the lands. To oversee the sometimes delicate balances which exist between Nature and Civilization.

The Hidden Glade shall move forth to aid one if the other grows to be too great a threat to the harmony of the whole.

Dedicated to keeping our eyes, ears and minds alert for signs of such turmoil, we will intervene as deemed necessary or appropriate. Watchers. Protectors. Guardians. We stand for the continued peace of the land as well as those who dwell upon it.

Whenever a matter regarding a change to or task for the Hidden Glade arises, each member of the circle has equal voice to vote in the matter at moots or gatherings. The right to speak forth is given freely in exchange for the promise to uphold the tenants of the Hidden Glade. This includes the awareness that even as you speak for yourself, you represent others of the faction.

Just as we will not abandon one another in a time of need, so too is it asked to stand beside your brethren.

Should there arise the need we will not hesitate to defend that peace with every ounce of strength we possess!"


The Hidden Glade was originally formed by Theos Gend. Though in the past there have been some conflicts of interest or vision between the Hidden Glade and the Grove, both are steadfast protectors of the Balance. Should any place seem to have the natural balance threatened, not just the forests of Amia, then the Glade will strive to correct that.

Both the Grove and the Hidden Glade honor the Duir tree, but the members of the Glade do not guard or look after only the isle of Amia. Though few in numbers, they are a growing faction coming to be known for an unwavering stance when it comes to the Balance. A dedication whose strength is that nothing and no one is above the Balance, not even the lives of the Glade members themselves. There is the uniqueness about the Hidden Glade in that their protective reach extends even to the outer isles, not just primarily the Amian forests close to the Grove.

This is not to say that the Glade is not active in aiding people, towns or cities. During the conflicts of Nes'ek, Eternal Order vs Black Caravan, War of the Trampled Leaves, and even up to contesting an upsurge of Malarites the Hidden Glade -will- protect or lend aid when the Balance is threatened or request for such aid is needed.

Of recent, they have been involved in conflicts which set them to take a stand against the church of Bane in nearby forests. They have since moved their home(s) to Caraigh isle though still return to the main isle briefly out of affection or because some members dwell there. Others oversee the towns of Guldorand, Endir's Point in Frozenfar, Caraigh isle, Forstakker wilderness and Bendir Dale. The areas patrolled grow ever more each day.

The members of the Glade meet regularly in a less than traveled location where the very air is saturated with age.



Velissa Walker

Zal Marrak

Zortak Walker

Veles Wallace




Estial Catblade

Jaidyn Syldrimme

Jylan Xunzyne

Valygar 'Stonesnake' Stark

Past members

Theos Gend

Taer'fein Linthen'tynil

Aserios Evriner - Dismissed

Daishar Longclaw - Dismissed

Nialghas Stormthorn - Dismissed

Nysor Shorshanis - Dismissed

Senlui Stormthorn - Dismissed

Aelron Rilynrae - Left

Belladonna - Left

Unen Dana - Left

Baralor - Missing in action

Eowmir to Baru - Missing in action

Riol Uskada - Missing in action

Aarc Lyyon - Inactive

Atreyu - Inactive

Brandr - Inactive

Brog - Inactive

Eisen'dir Leonas - Inactive

Galia Yanolin - Inactive

Lesaonar T'Quil - Inactive

Lethia Banner - Inactive

Morio - Inactive

Nakia - Inactive

Nephele - Inactive

SilentPaw - Inactive

Silmathiel - Inactive

Talava - Inactive

Tera Marshaller - Inactive

Thrar Sylvai'nar - Inactive

Travaran Araegisess - Inactive

Unen Crystafien - Inactive

Valas Claddath - Inactive

Varen Leafrunner - Inactive