Horsemen of Apocalypse

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Horsemen of Apocalypse

Horsemen Seal.jpg
HoA Creed “The strong survive, the weak succumb.”
Residence Genesis, Chillwick
High General "Apocalypse"
Entry Requirements Consistent Rp of HoA toon & That you pass Initiate period.
Purpose To rid Amia of the weakness that continues to infest the lands!

This page in entirety is stricly OOC for the purpose of informing the player interested in joining the HoA what it is they are about. Disclaimer, the information here is a non-verified but close account of events based on facts and rumours and the opinions of group members who edit this page


Horsemen of Apocalypse is a player-led faction, main purpose is to create a reliable counterforce to factions such as: The Triadics, Cordor Guards, followers of Lathander etc. Generally the mind set of the members of the HoA ranges from elitist to war mongering, servants to self-serving and recently domination.

About the Horsemen

The Horsemen of Apocalypse believe themselves to be part of the elite of Amia. They find traits such as Altruism and Philanthropy (Helping others) to be traits of weakness.

They are the self-proclaimed liberators of Amia, claiming not only that the Triadics are the cause of weakness and a source of corruption on this isle but that only through slaying the weak and the corruptors may one achieve true strength and peace. They have gone so far as to start the building of a town called Genesis a town of tolarence much like Tarkuul but instead of just seeking and preserving knowledge, the inhabitantss are propagandized into seeking self perfection and becoming elitist in their thought processes, discipline and prowess. As long as the Laws of Genesis are honored any are allowed to enter and dwell. The Law however is strictly enforced, even the citizens can keep the peace and be rewarded for such. Penalties for breaking the laws are harsh and severe, and should a citizen deeming to enforce Law fails to produce proof of such, then they will be punished by the accused or the Horsemen discerned by the highest rank present.

(Past Views) The Horsemen of Apocalypse aren't inherently evil, their intentions are good. They truly do wish to save Amia from certain doom, it is simply the means they use to get to this salvation that categorizes them as "evil".

One thing of note about the Horsemen, is that they are -very- proud of their cause. As a whole no "Evil" organization matches their unmasked intentions, they believe they are right and aren't afraid to call anyone out who questions their quest.

(Present Views) Under Rose Dal'lorn, the Horsemen have changed as to what they stand for and that is basically Apocalypse and whatever her lastest orders being, still mostly centered to Valorians dream but for ulterior reasons.

They still believe they are right, for the most part. One thing of note about the Horsemen, however vicious they might be they uphold a standing code, that of Horsemen Protocol. A code of honor and one of respect for any in there ranks and enemies they face in battle, this code is strictly enforced. The Horsemen fight as one, under the absolute rule of Apocalypse the High General of the Horsemen. But even the High General is just a position and even orders from the highest rank can be questioned appropriately.

History of the Horsemen

First Generation

The Horsemen of Apocalypse were formed as the result of betrayal and an observation of corruption and weakness upon the isle by Valorian. With no place to direct his angst at the deterioration of the isle, Valorian stumbled across a mysterious man, by the name of Andras. Their minds joined, giving shape to the nebulous idea that would eventually become the army of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Upon the early days of the organization of the Horsemen, a third man stood up to join them, William.

These three persons shaped the strong foundation of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, as they slowly started to recruit all sorts of people and creatures into their ranks. In those days, Valorian works as the General, while Andras, who in reality have just as much power, is the Lt. General. Their loyal and faithful companion, William, has evidently gained a prestigious role as, Colonel.

The first official action done by the Horsemen was a kidnapping that was to be used to barter with mercenaries on the black market. The attempt was ruined by the Defenders. However, the Horsemen were able to escape due to sound tactical skills. They fled to the town of Wharftown and beyond to Wyrmhold. There, they camped to recover, but were attacked by the Defenders. However, the Horsemen stood strong and defeated them, Apocalypse killing Defender Aurora in a final, single battle.

This entertained the dragon Auchinon, who allowed the Horsemen to maintain a residency there for a short time. Unfortunately, the Defenders would not seize to recover their lost honor, and repeatedly tried to storm the Wyrmhold. This lead to the eviction of the Horsemen, as the Dragon did not fancy this disturbance. To this day, the Defenders(now called the Triadics) and the Horsemen have an open hostility towards each others. Since these occurances there has been two more generations of Horsemen.

The Second Generation

Lead by Andras Shai'tan who remains Elder now retired. Under Andras as he held the rank of Apocalypse, the Black Caravan and sketchy alliances lead to him decide to expand. So he ordered the move to Genesis skilled in tactics an diplomacy he picked an ideal spot to build a keep both tactically secure and near a small village he could help grow into Genesis the late Valorians Dream.

Rose at this time was fighting the inner awareness that she would -blackout- too while trying to serve Andras as well as able. Valorian before died gave a swarvy ex-pirate that happened to also be captian of Admiral Blackrose's fleet a thick seagoing accented, quick to anger, master of the Cutlass better known as the Dread Pirate BlackRose whom when arrived on the isle was without crew and cursed. She quickly gained rank in a militant group known to her as the Horsemen.

Growing to learn discipline and kicking the bottle she relied on her skills unknown to most as captain of the Umberlee Rose. Valorians dream was honored to the letter by her once Andras decided to retire he gave ranks and command over to his two best horsemen Rose and Sera.

The Third Generation

Lead by Rose taking the title "Legion" as well as Sera taking the title of Praetoria working as a married team. Things went well alliances were formed, temples finished, the Kuldi Minn being cleaned and prepped to be restored and given gold to restock it, all was looking up. Attacks then plagued Chillwick, often called Genesis, the town and eventually city of Valorians dreams.

This resulted in checkpoints being set up and tighter grip on security. In a city of perfection there is no room for weak. Children start early working hard to get strong. All aspire to be there better and honor the Horsemen for showing them a better way. Then Rose was informed by her longtime friend and associate Valkin that what she thought to be a murder with Andras behind it, found out the man she toiled for, having no gratitude from a thankless isle, yet pressed on fighting her inner darkness, to fulfill -his- dream, killed himself and was not murdered mysteriously.

At this time Sera began taking active steps to destroy Valkins Red Wizard enclave in the skull crags and eventually led to the destruction of it.

This news and realization -destroyed- her loyalty to Valorian, as she saw him as a coward and weak his resolute not strong enough to fulfull his duties. She would continue the dream however although not his, but hers. The Horsemen worked to build and expand allying with the Majestri of Tarkuul and puppet master of the Thayan Enclave that had since went underground. Rose having known Valkin from the previous alliance seemed to work well together having the same goals, eventually, were approached by a Herald. Their paths seemed to cross again and as well the Banites which was decided by Rose and Valkin before hand, knowing the force of the attack needed, one group alone possibly two would never have succeeded to meet the Heralds deal. Herald, Philip Logan, being The Rider Beyonds messenger in the prime, was scouting for an army or alliance capable of assisting in a take over of the throne of the plane of Maladomini, under contract of recieving some new additions for services rendered, written up, at least for the Horsemen, by a schooled hand.

The Horsemen along with the Banites and Enclave stepped into a portal, created in Hownsness, in a dark building, behind locked door, descended from the prime to Maladomini. There they all banded together, mostly by the reward for services rendered in mind, stayed there blades from one another and with the enchantments, the force, along with Asmodeus watchful eye, the fact of which unbeknowst to some stretched his far reaching hand to allow the force to kill Baalzebub(Baalzebul) the Lord of the Seventh, who had become a disgrace. With the enchantments the Rider gifted them, they stormed the fortress of Maladomini, where the throne of said plane lies, the horrid and vile creature that lorded over it layed in it's own feices. Soon after the guards were dispenced, and the stormed the fortress they overwhelmed the throne room and decimated the Lord of the Seventh. You would get no arguments it was an epic battle but services were rendered. The Apocalyptic force watched the Rider be crowned, the contracts were fulfilled, each one unique in it's own right.

The most sinister of guards now are stationed in the halls of Genesis, but it would be denied by Horsemen in the public, or at least perceived as doubtful. Since the trip into Baator and what Valkin informed her of Valorian the new "Apocalypse" has changed her accent set aside for more proper and appropriate way of speaking brought on mainly by her use of her charm schooling, she had shunned in the past. "Apocalypse" has the power to make her own fate. Under her loyal officers guidance, together, they designate where the Horsemen deliver the message, and thus the Horsemen Ride.

At this point Sera leaves the Horsemen entirely and sets off with her own plans of revenge against the one who murdered her former commander and brainwashed her wife. Her work bringing most of the island together to bring down the mountain onto Valkins red wizard enclave would be the last many would ever see Sera. She leaves the island soon after and is not seen again.

The Next Generation

Having accomplished a great deal as Apocalypse Rose decided to step down and retire. After Rose retired as Elder she left the Command of the Horsemen to Bor and went off to sea again. Bor lead the Horsemen for a awhile then gave leadership over to Valkin. Disention was sowed in the ranks causing one Horseman after another to resign. Currently disbanded there is still whispers in the darkest of places that the dreaded Horsemen will ride again.

With no one left to hold the reins and much time having passed the halls grow quiet. After Awhile though people may note the orcs getting raided a little more often.

The Ranks

The Leadership

High General "Apocalypse"

Primary Ranks

Combat/Elite Commander "War" N/A
Espionage "Famine" N/A
Advisor/Arcane Research "Death" N/A
Arcane Battle "Pestilence" N/A

Sargeant(s) "Malice" N/A

Secondary Ranks

Commissioned Officers of Varied stations (All Fighters, Monks, Assassins, Rogues, and Mages.)





Clergy The HoA has no one dedicated god, rather, they are a conglomerate of several different religions that identify with the HoA's cause.

Joining Us


Alignments: Any none good alignment (Note that Chaotic evil aligns would probally be better suited elsewhere as the faction is Lawfull)

Races: All Races Allowed

Classes: No Paladins, or Harper Scouts. The only Clerics currently being accepted are those that follow Lawful Evil Gods/Goddesses, no exceptions.

OOC note: We ask only that you know how to play your class/race/alignment, and that you maintain a good record with the DMs (ie. no history of metagaming, cybering, uncalled for PvPing, or any other sort of actives frowned upon by the DMs of Amia.)

OOC Contact

Upon interest contact:

Note: We do not accept players on OOC base, you will have to RP your way into the Faction as well. The Horsemen are currently disbanded.