House Arabett

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House Arabett

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Residence The Underdark
Former Matron Mother Aluziria Arabett
Deity Lolth
Status Dead


House Arabett was a drow noble house in Ultrinnan, even being the leading House for a long period of time. They suffered the fate of destruction due to treachery from within and the ambition of house Vandree, who conquered Arabett and adopted several members.


As a drow house worshipping Lolth, Arabett has certain charasteristics every such a house shares. Arabett, "The Sisters of Magic", specialized in the arcane. Often had the Ul'faruk of Ultrinnan been of Arabett, and the house has sponsored mages specifically through its existance. The house also has a close interaction with the city's pleasure house, providing them with oils and perfumes made by the Arabett mages.

Brief History

Arabett was the second oldest of houses in Ultrinnan. The house was formed by Alytana Arabett, a practicioner of the arcane herself. After her, Veh'dra Arabett took the lead, and was the one who made Arabett rise from the third position to the first one. After Veh'dra's disappearance, an inexperienced priestess named Sil'xnilia Arabett sat on the throne for a while. Her reign was short, and through means traditionally approved by Lolth, she was usurped by the adopted elder daughter of the house, a priestess named Aluziria. Aluziria lead Arabett for a period of prosperity. She was assassinated due to supposed heresy and her daughter joined Vandree, erasing the name Arabett from history.

Previous Faction Members

Editor's Notes

Due to the length in time since this faction has been alive and active, there are huge gaps in information such as the faction member list. I apologize for this, this was the best I could add as of May 25th, 2010.