House Jess d'l'Orbb

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Drow House Jess d'l'Orbb
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Quote: 'We are the Fangs of the spider upon the Glorious Vasharess's web.'
Faction Type Underdark Drow House
Heraldry Indigo
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Leader Ilharess Nizzre'tyne Jess d'l'Orbb
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Alignment CE, CN, NE
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Location The Underdark
Religion Lolth, Kiaransalee, Selvetarm
Status Alive

General Description

A Noble Lolthite house under the command of Nizzre'tyne. Moved from the drow city of Dyon G'ennivalz to Edonil.

Jess d'l'Orbb (Fang of the Web) considers the Wasteland (surface) simply a place to gather slaves, gladiators and information. After all, whom in their right mind would want to leave the beautiful, cool caverns?

The Insignia: A pair of fangs resting upon a web. The official colors of Jess d'l'Orbb are dark indigo and charcoal.

Brief History

Nizzre'tyne comes from a nobel background - second daughter to House Jess d'l'Orbb in the city of Dyon G'ennivalz. Nizzre'tyne and her sister had contrived to dispense with their mother, the former Matron of Jess d'l'Orbb. This action put Nizzre'tynes sister in the position of Ilharess. However, Nizzre'tyne was too ambitious and had many whom would rally to her side so her sister, being no fool, sent her to see about Ultrinnan. Nizzre'tyne was to contact houses for trade.

Nizzre'tynes sister thought that surely Nizzre'tyne would perish on the trip or be destroyed with Ultrinnan. However, the crafty Nizzre'tyne conceived a different plan. She didn't stay in the plagued city but rather explored the surrounding caverns. When the surviving houses set up a settlement, like a spider waiting for its kill, she watched and waited. While she was busy gathering intelligence on Edonil, those loyal to her were waiting for their chance to spring a trap on Nizzre'tynes sister.

Then Nizzre'tyne discovered a path through the Valsharesses webs, directly into House Tinnerai. The Ilharess Oloth'chu had not been seen for months. Nizzre'tyne sprang into action. She acquired access into Tinnerai and tested for Yathrin and succeeded. The Valsharess rewarded Nizzre'tyne with an Elgluth d'Jesshc, gold and black cobras graced the gifted whip. She was able to fill the vacancy and took the mantel of Ilharess Tinnerai. In that position she was able to gather even more intelligence and she had planned for every contingency. So that when Ilharess Oloth'chu reappeared she gave Nizzre'tyne the order to continue as Ilharess Tinnerai for a little while longer, much to Nizzre’tynes delight.

Now the patience of a spider would be her companion for as Oloth'chu was seen less and less, Nizzre'tyne was busy. First she made sure to bring sacrifices and tributes to the Temple of Lolth. Second she studied the art of the arcane. Third she built a relationship with the High Priest of Kiaransalee to see that he knew she considered those of the Lady of the Dead important resources. Finally, she brought out her warrior and mage - loyal to her plan to take power in Edonil.

Her plan was a careful thing for soon a house would crumble to ashes and standing atop ashes Ilharess Nizzre'tyne Jess d'l'Orbb would stand.

And as she gained more power in Edonil she would return her sister. For there could only be one Ilharess Jess d'l'Orbb and it would be Nizzre'tyne.

Her sister had finally gone to serve Lolth in a more direct manner. Nizzre'tyne left Tinnerai, after all, she couldn't very well crumble a house she was leading. The wait was not long in relitive time. As she plotted, acted and waited she became the Ul'ath'tallar, bore twins a male and female. Both fostered elsewhere. The male showed arcane ability and Nizzre'tyne angered that he was not a fighter and a male besides, cast him out on his own. He would either follow her last commands to him or not.

Now Tinnerai was banished and Nizzre'tyne had it's building under the guise of House My'afin. Oloth'chu had made a serious error on that day so long ago when she slapped Nizzre'tyne and threatened her with death. Yet Nizzre'tyne was not finished, not by a long shot.

Ilharess Nizzre'tyne Jess d'l'Orbb enjoyed the odd schemes of another. It was so boring to only have your own goals to work upon. Especially when she could use the workings of anothers plans to do her dirty work. So it was with much delight that she did just that with a demon and their army of orc, white dragon and whatever else passed for a demon army these days. Hearing the identity of the demon kind she studied in varrious libraries. Yet it was unclear to the identity of the exact demon who was calling themselves the Oracle. Nor was it clear whom they were working for. This was not such a terrible inconvenience. After all, Nizzre'tyne just needed them to take care of the ones annoying them. That would take care of the ones annoying Nizzre'tyne and she wouldn't have to lift a finger.

After quite a bit of time no inkling of any demons killing much of anyone. A few notes back and forth through the orc. It was like waiting for paint to dry. Not that Nizzre'tyne wasn't patient, it was just that she had been lead to believe demons were quick acting creatures.

Then the 'vision' was shared with Nizzre'tyne. She shared this immediatly with the Ul'ath'tallar and they both came to the same conclusion. /Someone/ was mucking about in their Edonil web without their permission. The nerve.

After much planning and putting together of contengency plans depending on what transpired, Nizzre'tyne sent a letter to the demon for a meeting. She would find out what they knew. Perhaps find out who they were. Get them moving a bit faster to do in those Nizzre'tyne wanted done in. And there might even be the chance that she would remain....wherever in complete safety. Although Nizzre'tyne couldn't imagine they might want her dead. She had a plan for that too.

The meeting was held. Not all of the outcomes that Nizzre'tyne had wanted came about. Yet there was still time for Paush and the Queen of Chaos.

She wanted them to move much faster so that her carefully constructed webs would be furthered. Tinnerai in ruins. Her main rival, My'afin scattered. It was time for House Jess d'l'Orbb to do what they did best. If Nizzre'tyne needed to wait awhile longer, so be it. She had no doubt that she would have what she wanted.

As the other houses in Edonil lead by Solaviir desolved into chaos, helped along by Nizzre'tyne, the speaches and accusations reached shouting volume. The demon army was on the way. Edonils weakness had probably been noticed. Nizzre'tyne wouldn't be surprised if others joined the 'attack'. And still she wasn't convienced this was anything other than Solaviir and the aboleth working with demons. And she didn't care. She would not be in Edonil when the army arrived. Her plan was daring and should she get threatening. There would be no reason, no excuse for her actions.

Well, besides simply grabbing more and more power. Nizzre'tyne thought the risk to be worth it. (More to come)

Active Members

Ilharess Nizzre'tyne (Lightning Spinner)

Streeaka'ael (Reckless Abandon)

Kor'inth Luctif'jor (Raging dire rat)

Niar'haanin (River)

Maral'barra (Storm Shadow)

Elghinyrrok'vress'lve (Piercing Claw)

Joining Jess d'l'Orbb

Jess d'l'Orbb (Fang of the Spider) welcomes those whom wish to further the goals of Lolth by furthering the goals of Jess d'l'Orbb, of course.

All members must be servants of Lolth whether directly or through Kiaransalee or Selvetarm. Those wishing to become a member will be tested. They will also need a recommendation from an existing member.


Sacrifices in the Temple: Ilharess Nizzre'tyne prides herself in making proper and pleasing sacrifices to the Dread Queen of the Webs and she is always on the look out for that extra special offering. Examples include Drow clerics of other faiths, precious gems, most any elf, the odd wastelander... Offerings of yourself should be sent directly to the Temple.

Teaching: Ilharess Nizzre'tyne does not skimp when it comes to making sure that all of the creations of the Valsharess understand how to counter the lies of the Whore Dancers and Vhaerunites. Come prepared to learn and shout your support. Lolth thu Malla!

The Fine Arts: There is nothing a Drow likes better than a party. And that's what House Jess d'l'Orbb provides in these evenings in the square. Right outside the portal crystal in Edonil tables and chair are put up, drinks and food are available for purchase and entertainment is provided.

Entertainment: Ever seen wastelanders battle? Not like this you haven't. Every underdark race is invited to watch this spectacle and it's guaranteed that some will even want to join!