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Often when one thinks of planer travlers to Faerun, tieflings and aasimar come to mind, folk of fiendish or holy blood who speak in a strange manner, calling out words like "berk" and "sod." However to the well informed there are others who have their origins in the outer realms.

The Drow of House Kenlyl who call the Shrine of Eilistraee home are a branch of a planer drow house from Svartalfheim, in Ysgard's third layer of Nidivar. To some, Kenlyl presence here is seen as alien and unnatural but the truth of the matter is that Kenlyl's history started in Faerun many, many centuries ago.

The local branch of House Kenlyl started with the priestess and first grand daughter (of the current generation) Erelkacha Kenlyl who a few decades ago decided to travel to Faerun, the world which her ancestors had called home. Soon after arival she took custodianship of the shrine of Eilisrtaee and the sacred stones of the moon. While there she took one Jud'Vardas as her favourite male and lover and gave him her family name and a place in her house. It would be when the high priestess took absence for personal matters that Jud'Vardas would bring about the main expansion of the branch house, by taking his wife Madison and adopting others into the family. Now Kenlyl stands as one the largest families to call the Shrine of Eilistaee home.


Kenlyl's full history begins in Faerun not long after the fall of the drow and the exodus through the Underdark with a female named T'risskiira. A legendary figure among the House, she was said to be a female drow six feet in height, strong enough to wield a great sword in one hand, and with beauty that could sway even the hardest heart.

Legends say that T'risskiira was a female who had no taste for the clergy and found no purpose and joy in the Spiders' webs, only in battle did she feel free and know a shadow of true purpose. As her skills grew and more foes fell before her blade she found even battle left her heart hollow. Each day she fell deeper into depression and melancholy, moroseness starting to fill her heart. It would be a failed attempt on her life by an assassin that would change her life. She had defeated her would-be killer: the best of her students (and one of lovers at the same time). As she stood over her wounded student, the wrongness and foulness of everything that was life under Lolth dawned on her. She did two things that left her house and city baffled, She spared the life of her failed assassin and she openly abandoned her people.

None dared to stop T'risskiira, not even Lolths clergy, for they knew all too well that even the most vile of Lolths fiendish agents would fall before T'risskiira's blade. So did T'risskiira embark on a journy into the dark depths of the night below, a journey to seek what it meant to have a soul and to live one's life free. Her most fateful encounter on her travels was with a Silver dragon. As the story goes she came upon the the lair of a silver dragon that had been attacked by greedy adventurers from the surface world, adventurers who had murdered one of the dragons and were in battle with a second. Her mind told her it was not her concern but when her caught that it was a clutch of eggs the dragons were giving their lives to protect, and not their treasure, it moved somthing in her heart and for the first time in a very long time she felt purpose and passion. The adventurers didn't stand a chance; T'risskiira cut them asunder in short order. The wounded female silver snarled and reared waiting for the drow to attack her but T'risskiira suprised the dragon by dropping her blade and bowing to her. The dragoness thanked T'risskiira for her courage, T'risskiira responded by asking the dragoness if she would allow her to be her guardian until she was healed and her eggs hatched and that in return the dragon to teach her why she and her mate had been willing die to protect their eggs, and why what this strange feeling that had stirred in her heart was.

It is said that T'risskiira spent a century a the silver dragon's gaurdian, student, and friend, and that she learned what community, family, and virute meant. She learned to see the terrible evils of the world and the good that is not so easy to see. The dragon shared her wisdom and knowledge teaching T'risskiira of Faerun's planar portals and the gods and so many more. When finaly the dragon's young were old enough to leave T'risskiira parted ways with her dear friend saying her journey was not over for only when she found Eilistraee would her soul be complete. T'risskiira and the dragon parted ways with an oath of friendship, one that would connect the dragons brood and T'risskiira's bloodline.

So set to her wandering T'risskiira went into the depths of the underdark, battling evil and righting the countless wrongs she seen in her quest to find Eilisrtaee. Twenty long years passed until a fateful battle with a magi rewarded her with a cubic gate. Curiously she pressed one of the six sides and a portal opened to a drow city upon a great under sea. A city of sparkling stones and dark beauty, a city where the dark elves looked genuinely happy and where they wore Eilistaee's symbol freely. With out a second thought T'risskiira leapt through the portal to the great Ysgardian city of Twilight.

T'risskiira soon found her goddess, a male whom she truely loved and place where her battle prowess and strength was respected as much as was the good in her heart. In less then a century she took the name Kenlyl for her family a name that means Sworn to the Sword.

The House

Traditionally, Kenlyl has been a military house concerned with battling the enemies of the Svarfalfar of Ysgard. Their job within the city of Twilight is the training and arming of soliders. The smaller branch house of Kenlyl found on Amia has always respected the House's military history but never had the numbers or need to strictly focus on such.

Kenlyl proper has always venerated Eilistraee though many drow in Ysgard are free to venerate countless gods, by tradition a warrior priestess always takes the Throne of Swords and calls herself Matron of the house. The branch house ultimately answers to the main house, though conflict is non-existent and the branch is happily given all the autonomy it desires.

All in all Kenlyl is a house very much devoted to Eilistraee, a house where celestial, metalic dragon and seelie fey blood commonly empower its sorcerers, where it is commonplace for members to have never known Lolth except as an enemy, and where its people feel they are far above the wickedness of their distantly removed spider kissing kin.

Symbol: A straight bladed sword across a full moon.

Colors: Blue, White (and/or Silver) and Black.

Drow: "Natha sargtlin xuil naubol ulu sslig'ne zhah naubol."

Common: "A warrior with nothing to protect is nothing."