House Kor'ali

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House Kor'ali originated from the city of Ched Nasad and was in many ways successful till the very day the druegar and their stonefire bombs burned the very webs which held the city together. House Kor'ali is ruled by Morne Kor'ali subsequently after the Ilharess took her own life after the city's fall. Following the destruction of Ched Nasad, Kor'ali relocated under its new matron to the city of Udos Drox'un. It thrived as one of the ruling houses until the day Udos Droxun fell to the invading Army. Kor'ali as with the other survivors of Udos, relocated once more to build the city of Ultrinnan, where they ruled as a prominent noble house for many centuries until they went to war with house Arabett. It was during this war that the Kor'ali were exposed as a house of Vhaeraun. On the day of their last stand, Lolth herself arrived in Ultrinnan to see to their destruction. Though the members did what they could to resist the attack, ultimately they were defeated. The survivors scattered to the winds. Some left the Island of Amia and relocated the city of Szith where they were reformed as a Lolth worshiping house. Others fled to the surface and joined the Elistraeeans. The fate of Ilharess Morne is not known to history, though her daughter is said to have joined the Kenyl's on the surface. Her patron, Naeradil was rumored to have returned to Amia to assist in the construction of the settlment of Edonil.