House Le'Quella

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House Le'Quella

House LeQuella.png
Faction Type Nobility
Symbol Three triangles
Colors Red, yellow, orange, white
Leader Matriarch Huquethae Le'Quella
Founded Unknown
Races Moon Elf, Wild Elf
Alignment Chaotic Good
Location Evermeet, Winya Ravana
Faith The Seldarine

General Description

House Le'Quella is a moon elf house known for its unconventional dress sense and the contentious (but friendly) relations between its members. As of 1368 DR it is led by Huquethae Le'Quella. Its estate is in Leuthilspar, on Evermeet, and consists of a magically grown building of wood and leaves. The house colours are orange, red and yellow, and its symbol depicts a triangle of each of these colours displayed on a white background.

Some members of House Le'Quella have set for Amia to spread their senses of fashion and trade to the land. Hearing of the islands vasts varieties of clothing and the islands astounding natural resources, wander-lusting members of the house set sail for Amia.

In-depth Description

Le'Quella's estate is a long, rectangular building magically made from light-colored wood and sprouts thick green leaves for the roof and doorways. Le'Quella is a Moon elf family, although it has many members with Wild elven ancestry. The family is known for its outlandish dress that is unusual even for Wild elves. This building is the scene of many wild discussions, arguments, and good-natured fighting between members of this contentious, but ultimately close-knit and loyal family. Le'Quella's matriarch is a sorceress named Huquethae, who oversees her chaotic family with wisdom and good humor. She is said to own a wondrous chimera-shaped automaton capable of flight, teleportation, and combat. The house colors are red, orange, and yellow.

Active Members

On Evermeet:

Matriarch Huquethae Le'Quella - alive

Lord Alinar Le'Quella - alive

Lady Nushala Le'Quella - alive

On Amia:

Elder Laf'spar Le'Quella - alive

Lady Las'Claianna (formerly Ael'kaenmah) Le'Quella - deceased

Lady Amalyth Le'Quella - alive

Inactive Members

Lord Zapran Le'Quella - alive

Lady Yáral'thil Le'Quella - alive

Lord Ivaen'shilhr Le'Quella - alive