House Tinnerai

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House Tinnerai
Faction Type Drow House
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Colours Gold and black
Symbol A golden spider grasping a black opal
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Matron Maral Tinnerai d'VerinVharc
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Location Continent, Underdark
Religion Lloth, Kiaransalee and Selvetarm
Status Alive


As of present Tinnerai is a dead house. They were deemed heretical by the Ul'ath'tallar after certain incidents and the last Ilharess fled to the wastelands. Their house was disbanded and any loyal to Lolth found a new house to join. (( // This is all easily obtainable knowledge IC, so it is hopefully not untoward to make this edit ))

Quellar Tinnerai is a Drow noble house formerly of Ultrinnan, now someplace in the area of L'obsul. There are presently only a few remaining Ultrinnan Houses that moved to L'obsul (House Qos'Yutsu and House Ussen'd'Vhid being the other two) after the destruction of Ultrinnan. It is now located near the newly formed drow city of Edonil.

House Tinnerai resides in the caverns near L'obsul. They are known for their mages, particularly the female ones. It is also well known by surfacers for its frequent and brutal raids. Tinnerai is also known to work with other factions against a common rival.

Joining Tinnerai

All members must be active worshippers of Lolth although Kiaransalee and Selvetarm are permitted additional deities as they serve Lolth. Those wishing to become a member will be placed under surveillance and set some form of a test. Another method of entering the quellar is to be claimed as a male by one of the high ranking females of the house. Most frequently, promising candidates can expect to be approached in the dark, when they least expect it, and summoned to the quarters of the Ilharess.

Out of Character

If you are interested in joining, you may send a tell to any of the members of the house (preferably female), requesting an audience. Similarly, you may also send a Private Message in the Amia Forums to Anatida. Members are only officially accepted when and after the Ilharess has made her final ruling.

What to expect?

Tinnerai is a thriving house with a large player base and active forums, full of intrigue and strong personalities. Members are expected to build up a good awareness of the political state of the city, and to always comport themselves in the best interests of the quellar.

Tinnerai is a noble drow house that has a noble system, what that means if you enter the house, then you have something to work for, becoming a noble blood member of the Ilharess. A character who is not a blood member still has the same RP opportunities as those who are of blood.

As a member of Tinnerai, you can expect to be appreciated OOC and IC. Every effort is made to provide plots and storylines which include all the members of the house. Players are encouraged to be creative and to take responsibility within the city, running their own mini events.