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Amia Howness.jpg
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Region Forstakkr
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Ruler -
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Population Human
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Imports Grain, Weapons
Exports Fur, Leather, Meat
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The largest settlement on the isle of Forstakkr and also serves as transit for the many adventures arriving to explore the isle. It is coated in the cold white snow and sits beneath the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, resting on the northern coast of the island.

The people that colonised this island are humans that lived in the Brogendenstein area. With the expansion of dwarf activity they decided to look for another home ('nothing against stunties but they 'ent like us'). The settlers reached the north of Forrstakkr and established Howness.

It is dependent on the import of food and raw materials from outside to survive.[3]


The people from Howness are very traditional and wary about anything they see as 'foreign'. [1] To gain the trust of a Hownessian is a feat indeed, and almost impossible to attain for non-humans. The people from Thordstein are slightly more approachable, and this was one of the reasons they chose to follow their own fate.[3]

Incest is no rarity, and brother and sister can be bound in marriage. [2]

Important Sights

  • Amia Trade Federation Headquarter
  • Hunter's Company
  • Temple of Helm

Important Figures

  • High Priest Snorri IV: The spiritual leader of Howness and High Priest of Helm.


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