Jack Tesilent

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Played by Wolfking6116

Currently Active

Jack Tesilent

Quote: "Don't make me get Jel to eat you."
Race Human
Origin Waterdeep
Gender Male
Age 21 years old
Height 5,10"
Weight 124 pounds
Hair Dark brown, messy
Eyes Brown
Skin Type Pale
Body Type Skinny
Alignment True Neutral
Classes Rogue
Current Affiliations Amian Crafters and Traders Federation, Tesilent Trading Enterprises
Current Titles None
Former Affiliations Cordorian Guard
Former Titles "Burns"
Current Residence Cordor West
The Hostel
Religion Waukeen (Patron), Tymora
Player Wolfking6116

NWN Bio Description

This man looks to be very skinny, almost as if he hans't eaten in months. His hair is dark brown, almost black, hanging just in front of his eyes. The smell of fresh smoke seems to emanate from his very body.

The clothes he wears seem to be very frail, made of mostly cloth, possibly leather or padding. Their colours range from black to gray, never straying much further.

When standing in his presence you can easily notice him turn toward even the slightest sound, perhaps in fear? It is obvious that he dislikes the sun, as he is never seen standing in direct sunlight.

He looks to be dark, brooding, almost evil.

It looks as if he has never even smiled.

In-depth Description

Jack enjoys seeming evil to the majority of the populace, it keeps those with a closed mind from persuing conversation with him. To any who actually get to know him, he does have a sense of compassion about him. He has his moments of kindness, even though they are rarely shown in public.

It is obvious to any who have a long conversation with Jack that he adores gems, and admits that collecting them is one of his most favoured hobbies. His favourite hobby is fencing, and he makes sure to practice whenever he can. However, since arriving on the isle he has been unable to find any who share the same passion for the art of fencing.

During the day, Jack spends most of his time wandering about Cordor discussing prices, shipments, and the quality of wares with the merchants around town. At night, he is usually within the Hostel discussing the same things with Ha'mar exclusively, or at the Arena practicing his fencing.

Before Amian History

Items of Note

'Cursed' Tattoo - A burglary gone awry, this tattoo serves as a constant reminder of that day. It's ink is a dark, firey red, seeming to envelop his entire forearm. The most peculiar thing about it is that it seems to change its pattern daily, aswell as glowing randomly through-out the day. Story on Amia forums

Spring Shield - Jack isn't sure where it came from, only that it appeared in his bag when he was on board the ship to Amia. Overall he's glad that it is now in his possession, as it has saved him many a time. Ha'mar explained that it was a 'Spring Shield', due to it springing into a small shield with a manner of complex gears. He still refers to it as "His bracer", as it indeed looks like a simple bracer.

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