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Important Towns and Locations Nes'ek, Djedet, Aleaxitis, The Temple of the Eight

Imports: Iron, Timber, Weapons, Slaves, Grains

Exports: Wine, Meats, Carpets, Oils, Dates, Copper, Chincona

Location Alamber Sea

Major Geographical Features

- The Alambar Sea borders Mulhorand on the west, Unther to the east and Thay to the south. It completely sorrounds the island of Khem and harbors pirates on its surface and the Sahaguin domain of Aleaxitis beneath its briny depths.

Important Figures of Northern Khem

Si'neela of Lathander (NPC): The high priestess of Lathander and the defacto ruler of Nes'ek.

Chaplain Luthor (PC): The head of the Ecclesia of Assuran, the Church of Hoar.

Sharina Fryar (PC): The Grand Master of the Eternal Order of Kelemvor.

Important Figures of Southern Khem

High Priest Ramas Anhklab (PC): High Cleric of Osiris, Judge of Djedet, ranking member of the House of Osirant in Khem

Ahnk-Osiri Tauronemhet (PC): Glorious Servitor of Osiris, Constable of Djedet, member of the House of Osirant in Khem

Regional History

-2488 DR (-384 Mulhorandi Calander) The Imaskari empire falls when the Divine manifestation of Horus (now Horus-Re) defeats Lord Artificer Yuvaraj, Emperor of Imaskar. Inupras Falls and as a result of its destruction creates the Raurin desert in its passing.

-2135 DR (-31 MC) The Divine Manifestation of Re founds the City of Skuld and names it the "City of Shadows", in doing so founds the first Mulhorandi Empire

-2087 DR (17 MC) The Divine Manifestation of Enlil founds the city of Unthalass, thus founding the Untheric Empire

The Cult of Tiamat is brought to Faerun by the Mulan

Tiamat and Marduk (Bahamut) begin the first of their many wars

Current Affairs