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Kobolds are small reptilian creatures that stand about 2 to 2 and a half feet and weigh about 35 to 45 pounds, they can stretch out their legs and stand about a foot taller but tend not to because doing so is uncomfortable. Their scaly hide ranges from rusty brown to rusty black in colour. A Kobold's face is similar to a crocodiles, with a jaw that opens wide, wide enough in fact to hold a watermelon. They have strong teeth, and their hands are tipped with claws. On each Kobold's head there lies a ridge of small horns just above each brow, there being more prominent ones the closer to the back of the skull you get. Kobolds are cold-blooded creatures, and as such need to be in warm environs to survive very long, which is why they live underground. They can also eat just about anything, from twigs and treebark to humanoids.

Kobolds are cowardly sadists, who enjoy setting traps to protect their lairs but flee combat when the odds aren’t in their favour. They usually eat whatever prisoners they catch, but occasionally sell them as slaves. Kobolds generally live underground or in deep forests. They’re skilled miners, though their hate and distrust of all other races – especially gnomes – keeps them from having any real business with other communities. Kobolds speak Draconic, but they sound more like dogs than dragons when doing so.

Kobolds are often considered a minor pest to be killed on sight, but other races are known to hire or enslave kobolds to act as the blade-fodder of their armies’ frontlines. In such cases, a force of panicing kobolds, more afraid of their masters than the enemy, is something to be reckoned. Some of the so-called adventuring kobolds are leftovers of such armies, their tribes scattered and homes lost. Kobolds are usually Lawful Evil

Racial Traits

  • Abilities: -4 Strength, +2 Dexterity;
  • Skills: +2 Craft Trap, +2 Search;
  • Feats: Alertness, Darkvision;
  • Appearance: Kobold;
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Racial Type changes to Reptilian;