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Amia Kohl.jpg
Location Type Settlement
Region Northern Amia
Nationality Mostly Human
Ruler Justicar Cys'tana L'saenirais
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Government Theocratic Elective Monarchy
Population Thousands
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Religions The Triad (Tyr, Torm & Ilmater), Bahamut, Helm, Siamorphe Sune, Lliira, Mystra
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Imports Wool, metal
Exports Gems, foodstuff, clothing
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Kohlingen is a City-State on the north eastern shore of the Amian isle. It is ruled by a theocratic goverment consisting of the priests of the Triad who govern the city in its day to day needs, and is overseen by the Justicar. The current Justicar is Cys'tana L'saenirais.

It was founded by Lord Darius Tristam, after he split away from the Knights of Benwick over a disagreement on ethics and morals. For many years the Kohlingen Defenders prospered under his name and it became a righteous city, often called the "City of Paladins". Over time it turned into a major trading port.

With the aid of the dwarves from Brogendenstein, the city defenses were improved and the Kohlingen keep was erected as home for the Justicar and Defenders. The Temple of the Triad's light was opened. Kohlingen became the center of the Tormite, Tyrran and Ilmateri faith. For a short time, the city also housed the temple of Kelemvor. The Kelemvorite faith soon left, along with its prime military force The Eternal Order.

Kohlingen was the stage for one of the fiercest battles fought during the The Wyrmshadow Prophecy. The foul forces of Dark Flight of Tiamat descended upon the city with their full might. Most of Amia came to the aid of stalwart Kohlingen and united they faced the dragon-led forces. Ultimately, the forces of good fended off the assault.

The forces of light pursued and attacked the heart of evil, Wyrmhold, itself. Due to the great sacrifices of many who opposed the Dark Flight, Wyrmhold fell. Sadly, the great silver dragon Imperator joined the dead in the ruins of Wyrmhold and his blessed bones lay there for years as testimony of the war.

There are only a few native noble families in Kohlingen, and almost all were immigrants from Benwick. A few others have come in the recent years though. A great majority of them are expatriates from Cordor, who quickly set up shop around the city. Most of the Cordor refugees keep to themselves, and the Kohlingers are polite to them. A few of them have become philanthropists on the Kohlingen scene and enjoy quite a bit of respect.


Kohlingen is a theocratic elective monarchy. The head of state is the Justicar, who is chosen by the predecessor before death. If the Justicar were to die before being able to choose his successor, ranking government and temple officials would collaborate to choose a new Justicar.


The lands of Kohlingen stretch from Kohlingen to the surrounding areas, reaching to the Kohlingen Manor in the north, the border to the Quagmire swamp in the west and the Minmir Bridge in the south.

Laws of Kohlingen

Banned list

§ 1. Individuals who fall into the following categories:

  • Devil kin
  • Demon kin
  • Daemon kin
  • Undead
  • Palemasters
  • Fiends
  • Chromatic Dragon kin
  • Known criminals
  • Followers of evil deities
  • Blackguards
  • Members of any Lolthite drow house
  • Any associate of Tarkuul
  • Shadovar

§ 2. Members, servants of the following states, organizations or institutions:

  • Thay
  • Cult of the Dragon
  • The Zhentarim
  • Fort Summer and associated coalition
  • The Living City of Tarkuul
  • Thraan'dariv

§ 3. Individuals listed on the separate ban list.

Penal Law

§ 1. Murder and Manslaughter.
§ 2. Assault.
§ 3. Thievery and Banditry.
§ 4. Disturbing the Public Safety and Peace.
§ 5. Harassment.
§ 6. Bribery, Extortion, and Blackmail.
§ 7. Public Nudity and Vulgar Acts.
§ 8. Libel and Slander.

Magic in town

§ 1. The casting of offensive spells is prohibited.
§ 2. Casting of defensive spells is permitted as long as it causes no disturbance of the peace or breaches other laws.

Familiars, animal companions, extraplanar beings

§ 3. 1. The use of summons of good nature, no larger than a human being, are permitted within the city grounds.
§ 3. 2. The use of summons of non-evil nature, of any size, are only permitted outside the city grounds.
§ 3. 3. The summoner is responsible for all actions of the creature, and will be given the punishment as if he had himself conducted the act.[4]

Sites of Importance

Kohlingen Manor

Death of Earl Manfried.
It once was once the prestigious house of Earl Manfried. He and the doppleganger of Duke Montgomery of Cordor were close friends, but they somehow managed to get their hands on the Necronomicon. After reading it, Doppleganger Duke Montgomery went insane and fled from the Mansion, while Earl Manfried slowly turned Undead. He fed upon tax collectors and foolhardy adventurers. Undead inhabited the Mansion, victims who fell to his bite.

In 1380 DR Grand Master Yaston and Chapter Marshall Justin Fairfax of the Triadic Knights, Chapter Master Gagis Silvarna and High Inquisitor Daren Sten of the Eternal Order, Sir Robert Caris-Denoix and Father Simond of the Purity Refuge led an assault upon the Manor. Earl Manifred was freed of the corrupting force the Necronomicon had over him and willingly was killed by Imperator to end the curse and destroy the tome. Father Simond heroically perished while covering the retreat of his companions.

Temple of the Triad's Light

The Temple of the Triad's Light is the temple of Tyr, Ilmater and Torm. From there the high priests of each faith govern the city in its day to day needs.

Dragonstone Keep

Dragonstone Keep was constructed by the dwarves of Brogendenstein. It is now the seat of the Justicar. The halls used to house the spirit of the great dragon Imperator, who fell during the Wyrmshadow Prophecy, but he has long-since departed.

Important Figures and Institutions

Justicar Marinsbane.

Important Figures

  • Lady Cys'tana L'saenirais: (NPC) The current Justicar of Kohlingen.
  • William Haulfest of Torm: (NPC) High priest of Torm. Once head of the Tormite temple in Cordor but was forced to move to Kohlingen after the Cordor temple was taken over by the followers of Waukeen. Can be found in the temple of the Triad's light.
  • Kellinanah of Ilmater: (NPC) She is the high priestess of Ilmater in Kohlingen.
  • Randolph of Tyr: (NPC) He is the high priest of Tyr in Kohlingen.
  • Illunamaeryx: First Knight of Kohlingen.
  • Lord Darius Tristam: A former member of the Knights of Benwick and founder of Kohlingen and the Defenders of Kohlingen. (Deceased)
  • Sir Hector Tormigan: The founder of the Triadic Knights.
  • Lord Yaston Sylgerand: Former Grand Master of the Knight-Templar of the Triad's Light. (Deceased)
  • Ulrik Valis: Former Court Wizard of Justicar Marinsbane. (Deceased)

Important Institutions

  • Silver Dragons (NPCs): Local militia force.
  • Everguard (NPCs): An order of Paladins that acts as personal guard of the justicar.
  • The Defenders of Kohlingen: The Defenders are a group of goodly guardians based in the city of Kohlingen. Their primary duty is to serve and protect the city and its people. Beyond that, they stand vigilant against outside enemies and threats, extending their protective arm south over the isle whenever a great evil threatens innocent people outside of their walls, too. There are two branches of the Defenders: The Order and the Keepers. The Order is comprised of Knights and Squires who live a more chivalric lifestyle, following the traditional codes of honor and virtue. The Keepers are comprised of an assortment of people who do not feel suited to the life of a Knight, but whom still wish to serve the Defenders' goodly cause: such as bards, mages, rangers, and rogues. Both branches are led by the First Knight of Kohlingen.