Living Guard

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The Living Guard
Coat of Arms
Faction type Defense Force

Allegiances Tarkuul

Headquarters Tower of the Damned

Hierarchy Militaristic
Leader Luca Severin (NinjaClarinet)
Alignment Any non-good
Affiliations Academy of Tarkuul
Secrecy Medium

The Living Guard

The Living Guard are pledged to carry out the Living City of Tarkuul's will and to defend it from those who would threaten it. The Living City stands for the freedom of the pursuit for knowledge and power of those worthy enough to attain it, thus it is one the Living Guard's foremost duties to ensure that one's right to pursue such ambitions within the Living City remains protected by upholding the Laws of the City. The Living Guard is a volunteer force of those willing to pledge themselves to the Living City's security; we recruit those of any talents that can be of service to the City, whether your talents lay in physical prowess, the arcane or in cunning. Those who serve aren't expected to give service in return for nothing, distinguished service and loyalty to what Tarkuul stands for will be rewarded.


Captain The Captain delegates general orders to others of the guard, the Captain receives his orders from the Castellan who in turn answers to the Voice and the Council. The Captain must hold regular meetings with members of the guard, to ensure duties are being performed correctly, also to keep all members up to date with on goings in the City. Inform the Voice with any and all happenings in the City.

Lieutenant The Lieutenant is the second-in-command; they answer to the Captain and consult him with matters concerning the Living Guard. When the Captain is indisposed, it is the Lieutenant who takes charge of the Living Guard until the Captain’s return or upon his replacement. The Lieutenant also must assist the Captain in managing and maintaining the Guard as a functional force, hold meetings when necessary and keep them informed of the Guard’s current course of action.

Sergeant The Sergeants are selected for their command ability; they are required to ensure the Enforcers are organised and that discipline is maintained. When an order is given by the Lieutenant or Captain, they are to ensure these orders are carried out. They are also permitted to organize drills for the Enforcers should they deem it necessary.

Enforcer The Enforcers are the rank and file of the Living Guard, they are to uphold the Laws of the Living City and maintain the peace.

Initiate The Initiates are not full members of the Living Guard, but rather possible recruits who are under review. They are not permitted to act on their own and must accompany a full member of the Living Guard (must be ranked Enforcer or above); they are to assist any of the Living Guard when called upon and must learn from whomever they are accompanying.

Living Guard Duties and Rules


1. Enforce the Laws of the City

2. Patrol the Living City

3. Must be able to direct visitors to locations of interest within the Living City.

4. Attend meetings and drills when they are held

5. To keep disruptions in the City to a minimal

6. Know the Living Guard's tactical conduct


1. All members of the Living Guard are ultimately under the authority of the Voice.

2. Salute all ranks above you and follow the orders given by your superiors.

3. What happens outside of Tarkuul, stays outside of Tarkuul. Whilst within the City members must act accordingly. However outside, individual misgivings are their own. Actions against each other are not the concern of the Living Guard. (Though if such actions cause harm to Tarkuul, the matter will be brought to the Voice's attention)

4. All members of the Living Guard using the resources of the city are to do so with caution and respect, those seen misusing or damaging said resources will be punished.

5. Show respect and courtesy to all Tarkuulians and visitors.

Application and joining

Full Name:

Patron Deity:



By submitting this application for review, you grant permission to the Captain of the Living Guard, the Castellan and the Voice to review the information contained herein and investigate the validity of history, intent, and capability. By signing below, you agree to the above and also forfeit any and all right to rebuke any of the information contained within the application. This information will be kept confidential to ensure the applicant's information is not compromised.