Lyle Torrowfire

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Lyle is a cynical, aging hin with a stubborn sense of morality.

Played by Bobo Underhill

Lyle Torrowfire

Quote: "There must be some sort o' retribution in th' world."
Race Stronghearthalfling (Lycanthrope)
Gender Male
Age 60s
Height/Weight 3'10, 60 lbs
Hair Brown, short, few strands of grey
Eyes Brown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Classes Fighter,Rogue, Cleric of Selûne
Affiliations And Titles None
Former Affiliations And Titles The Messengers
--Security Captain
Cordor Guard
Harequins of Brandobaris
Fist of the Dale
Bendir Dale Militia
Bendir Dale
Languages Common, Hin, Elven, Goblin
Birth Place Waterdeep, Trades Ward
Current Residence Wharftown
Religion Selûne
Weapon Bobrin (Handaxe)
Player Bobo Underhill


Lyle is a muscled, and overbearing hin, who can sometimes be mistaken for a small dwarf, with dark, hard features. He is rarely seen without his half-helmet. He regularly wears an eye patch and his half-helmet. His hair is grey, his muscles have started to go to seed, but he was quite stocky and strong in his youth. His brown eyes have faded to orange, though remain sharp, if world-weary.

Lyle Arrives in Amia

Lyle, unable to find construction, turned to what he knew second best: fighting. Joining up with a pair of elves, he soon earned himself a decent amount of coin as a mercenary, working to clear goblins and kobolds from the lands surrounding Cordor. It was early into the mercenary career that he met someone who he would grow close to: Rizo'lil. The two had a sort of chemistry and both hailed from Waterdeep. Joining up with a dwarf, the trio made a dent in many a beasties hide, and travelled to exotic locations such as Forstakkr and Brogendenstein. When the eventually joined Nick Shadows's Messengers, they found themselves in the Amia Trade Federation, and steady work. Lyle, with his devotion to hin-kind beginning to blossom, soon found himself as captain of the security within the messengers, a job he took to quite well.

Eventually Lyle confessed his love to Rizo, and she shortly after disappeared, after their enemies began to grow too irritable. Lyle lingered on for about a year, waiting like a lonely puppy for her to return to him. Lyle was a good man, however, who genuinely cared about those around him, and he soon began to attract notice. One relationship caused him to quit the messengers after him and Nick fought. The two never quite got along the same again. Soon, his friend Johanna Hardingdale recruited him as the Heavy for her Harlequins of Brandobaris, which he never officially left, though he assumed, fell apart when Johanna fell sick. His schism with Nick also forced him to move out of the Dale, and he soon found himself residence in Wharftown.

Converting to Selûne

Lyle was no longer a mercenary. He had lost his love, was detached from many of his former friends, and had very little to do with himself. Plus, he was faithless, which began to bother him as his years began to tick away. One night under the full moon, while up in the mountains of Brogendenstein with his friends Erume Duskryn and Budly Bundly. The trio regularly adventured together and tonight was no different. While making camp outside the Dark Spires, Lyle began to lament the emptiness in his life. Erume suggested he consider finding a Goddess that appealed to him, and suggested Selûne as a possibility. Lyle considered this for a moment, before agreeing to research the Moon Maiden. It was then several frost giants, lead by one who was much larger than the others, ambushed their position, charging up the hill. Lyle slew the leader in a few well placed strikes, making the giant fall into a crumple.

When the dust settled, the trio emerged victorious. However, in the treasure bag of the leader was a ring. It was Lyle's turn to take treasure, so he did so. Together, the three fully purged the Dark Spires, and Lyle returned to Wharftown to have the ring identified. As luck would have it, this ring was a ring of Selûne. The Lady herself had heard Lyle's conversation, and had deigned to show him a sign! Before he even let his wounds heal, he hobbled to Kohlingen, and spoke to the Acolytes of Selûne there. The full moon still high in the air, they led him to the idol. He kneeled, and said his first prayer, and was blessed by Selûne herself. That day, Lyle converted, and within the next month, a shrine was erected over the ruins of the previous temple. Coincidence? Lyle thought not! Lyle remains a devout Selunite, to the chagrin of some Bendir Dalers.

The Fist Of The Dale

Lyle eventually moved back to Bendir Dale, when he had a falling out with Sorenson, who was the boss of the Wharftown camp for a while. Rather than live on the streets, Johanna invited him to move in with her family, and thus he adopted her as his little sister. For some reason, he was recruited into the Cordor Guard as an ensign, though he eventually became a private. He played fast and loose with his position, often going easy on hin and friends, and resulting to violence too early, sometimes using unnecessary force, with folks he didn't like. He actually relished the idea of knocking an arrogant taller down a peg or two. However, various problems, obnoxious tallers and security in the Dale required Lyle to resign from the guard, with a somewhat bitter note.

When the Bendir Dale town hall exploded, Lyle was particularly upset. While lingering in Cordor, he confronted Lyam Thornhill and Biddle Broadfoot, and explained his idea to create a sort of "elite" guard force in the Dale, like the Law Knights of Cordor. They wouldn't be law enforcers, however. And thus, The Fist of the Dale was born. Currently, Lyle endeavors to make the Dale a safe place, and his Fist a formidable defensive force. Early in the Fist's creation, Lyle fended off an attack on his life by an orc, and two sneaky hin. The assassination attempt convinced Lyle that it was unsafe for him, given his position, to live with the Hardingdales. Johanna promised him a "moving out" party, and Lyle purchased a wonderforged rolling pin to present to his foster mother. He currently resides in the Hin Inn. He loves children.

Lyle has an extremely negative view of Theos Gend, whose (as he sees it) haughty personality making his blood boil. In his attempts to help stem the mylock incursions, the Fist discovered a demon of stonehold was behind it all along. The demon had paid off the lich in the Tomb of the Burning Dead to distract Lyle and Tommi (the two Fist which posed it the greatest threat), and resulted in them missing the slaying of Bul'zeelab. In an attempt to get revenge for fooling him, Lyle rounded up a posse, and returned to the tomb. Though they slew the lich and several demons, he singled handedly fought an Ogre Commander, which resulted in him losing his left shin and foot. The Fist was later absorbed into the militia, which he is Co-Captain of.

Until he retired.


Lyle ran in an open election against Nina Thorrow and won the seat of mayor. He appointed Nina as his deputy mayor. His policies are oddly progressive, pushing for a more universal culture in Bendir Dale, further expansion of its crafting capabilities and more activity for locals. However, he also pushes for stronger external ties, including military support, and harsher penalties for laws.


Lyle is a Selûnite. As such, Selûne is his patron deity, the one who he reveres over all. However, he also pays respect to Yondalla and Arvoreen for obvious reasons. Less obvious, his time in the Cordorian Guard put him in contact with Helm's dogma. Oddly enough, Lyle highly respects and even pays tribute to the Vigilant One, inspired by his ability to carry his burden as a guardian. Eventually, Lyle pursued the path of a priest.

Morality and Philosophy

To be added