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Region Skull Crags
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Ruler Lord and Lady Ovind
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Government Monarchy
Population Human
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Religions Uthgar, Chauntea
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The people of Maeduselde are a fair, tall, pale-skinned, blonde-haired and blue-eyed folk that live in the Skull Crag Mountains. The maidens often braid their hair or wear it openly while the men almost all wear beards.

The ladies wear beautiful yet very simple dresses, the men thick linen or leather clothing to withstand the colds of winter. Their clothing is usually kept in brown and green tones. In the times of war the simple clothing is traded in for their chain mail tunics of plate mails, their hands that usually use a hammer or a shovel for a round shield and a sword or an ax.


They are not a group of wild-haired, dirty savages that is associated with the term barbarians. They still live in a system mainly ruled through strength, distrust members of other regions and races, the men are farmers and hunters in times of peace and warriors in time of war while the women tend to be gatherers and tasked with the family needs. The power also lies in the hands of the male-gender.

These men and women are lead by their lord, who's position is handed down by blood, his wife holding the second highest position. Lorekeepers and shamans are also ranked first by gender. They however have a written language (that only few can read or write). The women are treated with the utmost respect, as they are all ladies of the people of Maeduselde and hitting a woman is a act only worthy of a coward.

With an axe or sword in one hand and a sturdy round shield in the other a member of the people of Maeduselde believes he can arise to legend and death shall not be feared. The only missile weapons used by them is the bow and the throwing axe. The believe in honor is very strong in the mind of these people.

Backstabbing someone is one of the most disgraceful acts possible, one has to face a enemy head on. The mistrust of arcane magic is also very present in the minds of the tribe. They sometimes sends out traders to the cities to sell furs and meat, and buy supplies the people may depend on in the harsh climate they live in. In the recent times the relations with other races slowly have picked up however.

The men and women enjoy merrymaking greatly. They are known for their mead, songs and long festivals they tend to have in their halls and they never let an opportunity pass them by without indulging in the simple pleasures of life.

"They are proud and willful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs."


Clerics of Uthgar pray at dawn or sunset. They worship the beast totems and the ancestral spirits. The spring equinox and both solstices are holy days in which the people converge upon their ancestral mound during the autumn equinox to perform ceremonies, make agreements, and commune with ancestral spirits. A difference to other followers of Uthgar, these men and women do not only pray to a single totem for strength, but each person to his own.

During the Runemeet, youths of the people of Maeduselde desiring to be adults participate in the ritual of the Runehunt, in which those involved seek victory over one of the tribe's ritual enemies - giants. When youths complete a Runehunt successfully, Uthgar's clerics hold a ceremony, known as the Telhut, to initiate them into manhood. Clerics of Chauntea initiate girls into womanhood at this time as well.