Malarite Were-Creatures

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Malarite Wereboar

Type Spawn
Regions Forest of Despair


Wererat, Animal:

This oversized rat screeches and bites at your ankles and fights in amanner that no typical rat ever should. It almost appears rabid, with foam dripping off of its mouth, filled with unnaturally sized fangs.[1]

Wererat Hybrid:

This grotesque creature seems all out of proportion. The head is large, with a maw full of sharp teeth, and a shape that looks vaguely like a cross between a rat and a human. The body itself is scrawny, ending in powerful, large hands and feet tipped with sharp claws. The creature's entire body looks dirty, as if it hadn't bathed in weeks. It is clearly a lycanthrope of some sort, probably a rodent.[1]

Werecat, Animal:

This panther has red blotches scattered about its fur that eerily resemble blood. It hangs back in combat, allows its packmates to do most of the upfront work. You hear it begin to grunt and make animal noises, and the next thing you know, a swirl of embers has risen up from it into the sky, and then rained back down on you in the form on a powerful Druidic spell. Clearly this is no plain cat![1]

Werecat, Hyrbid:

This lithe creature has a head resembling a cross between a panther and a human's face, with distinct whiskers poking out of slighlty puffy cheecks. The body is sinewy and flexible, and ends in powerful cat's paws. It tends to stay away from direct main combat, and instead you hear it speaking in an oddly human voice, calling down Druidic magics upon you. It is clearly a lycanthrope of some sort, probably a panther or a jaguar.[1]

Werewolf, Animal:

This wolf is much larger than something you'd expect to see in this forest, and with much dark fur and an oversized jaw to boot. When it sees you, it howls loudly, often in unison with other wolves in the pack, and immediately leaps to attack you, behavior that is distinctly unwolflike and unprovoked. It fights with an intelligence far beyond that of a normal animal.[1]

Werewolf, Hybrid:

This is a werewolf, no doubt about it. The stories speak of them, and now you see one in front of you, its teeth and claws covered in in the blood of its previous meal. It growls and bares its large, yellowed fangs towards you as if it were giving you the chance to flee. But that chance doesn't last long, and it bears down on all fours to charge at you before standing back up on two legs to slash at you with powerful claws and snap at you with a tremendous bite.[1]

Wereboar, Animal:

This creature is out of place to you, since boars don't often frequent forests. It also seems oversize, with tusks that appear too large, even for its face. Boars are notoriously territorial though, and this one is no exception... except instead of driving you off, this one seems to want to kill you. But boars aren't carnivorous. Right?[1]

Wereboar, Hybrid:

This Lycanthrope is burly and over-muscular, so much that it appears to be top heavy, with a huge chest and a very large head, topped with a wild mane, or ruff of thick coarse fur. It stusks just out of its mouth, lending it the appearance of always being open to a degree. It growls loudly and charges at you, tusks first attempting to gore you with them efore swinging a thick, pawed fist at your chest.[1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.