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The year is late 1372DR and the Heroes of Amia have chased the seemingly benign Red Wizards out of the main towns. Clerics of Mystra have taken back the Mythal Crystals the Red Wizards had acquired from Frostmaiden’s icy lair, split them into smaller shards and opened Mythal Crystal forges throughout island. Even smaller shards (Minor to Divine) may now be used akin to a lens to focus a very fine strand of the Weave into a material item, hence crafting potential.

The crafting process is known as Infusion and must be done within the vicinity of a Mythal Crystal Forge. Infusion has two general operations. The first is adding a power to an item and the second is removing a power. Adding a power requires you to make a successful crafting roll and the following skills are used dependent on the item you’re trying to craft:

Either succeeding or failing the crafting roll, the crafter loses her gold. However, success destroys the crystal and infuses the desired power as well. Failure yields naught.

Removing a power is free of charge. The Mythal crystal is not destroyed nor is any gold taken from the crafter.
Malign powers may not be removed from an item.


The item to be crafted doesn’t necessarily have to be equipped but it must be in your possession. Furthermore, it cannot be a plot item or crafting will be aborted.

  • Armor, Gloves and Weaponry may have a maximum of four benign powers, crafted or otherwise.
  • Equippable Items may have a maximum of three benign powers.
  • Ammo may only have a maximum of two benign powers.

All Powers are worth 1 Power, regardless of their Modifier except as noted below:

  • Abilities are 1 power per modifier. For example 1 Dexterity is worth 1 power, while 3 Dexterity is worth 3 powers.
  • All Armor Class bonuses, except Dodge: 1 to 3: 1 power, 4: 2 powers, 5 : 3 powers.
  • Dodge Armor Class bonuses: 1 to 4: 1 power, 5 : 2 powers.
  • Damage Resistances: 15/- : 2 powers, 20/- and higher : 4 powers.
  • Enhancement 5 : 4 powers.
  • Permanent Freedom: 2 powers.
  • Personalization doesn’t count towards your power limit.
  • Regeneration is 1 1 power per modifier. For example 1 Regeneration is worth 2 powers, while 3 Regeneration is worth 4 powers.
  • Specific Saving Throw bonuses are 1 power per modifier. For example 1 to Reflex saves is worth 1 power, while 3 to Reflex saves is worth 3 powers.
  • Universal Saving Throw bonuses: 2 : 2 powers, 3  : 4 powers.
  • Use Limitations and temporary powers (flame weapon for example) don’t count towards your power limit.
  • Visual Effects don’t count towards your power limit.


Once the item has been targeted with a Mythal crystal, a menu will pop up and depending on the relative power of the crystal itself you will be provided with a choice of suitable powers to craft onto your item. The menu will tell you the cost in gold pieces (GP) and the crafting DC you must equal or exceed to successfully craft the power when you select it.

The crafting DC is preset ( 2 multiplied by the current number of powers on the item).

The crafting GP cost is preset.

Other Info

MCS does have a few inherent limitations. It will overwrite similar power types. For example: Infusing Enhancement 2 on a weapon that already has Enhancement 1 will overwrite the Enhancement 1 power. No prior warning about this will be given and it’s the player’s responsibility to check their items.

Also, crafting will be aborted if you attempt to add more than one Saving Throw Bonus power onto an item. Keep in mind the normal DnD rules concerning stacking still apply. For example: If you craft an Armor Bonus onto your cloak (Deflection bonus to Armor Class) and then an Armor Bonus onto a ring (Deflection bonus to Armor Class) then only the highest (if applicable) or one of the item’s armor bonus will be applied to your armor class (AC). This is because both items provide the same type of Armor Bonus to AC. Of course, if the item provides a different type of Armor Bonus then they will stack as per normal, for example: If boots (Dodge bonus to AC) were used instead of a cloak.

Crafting infusions list

A table with all crystals and possible infusions can be found here.