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Amia Nesek.jpg
The village.
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Region Khem
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Ruler Lady Si'neela
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Government Theocracy
Population Human
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Nes'ek is mostly a Lathanderan settlement in the center of the Ankh'remun Desert in Khem. The Church of Hoar and of Kelemvor now both also reside in it. The church of Lathander is on strained terms with the cleregy of the mulhorandi pantheon. This conflict originates through the race for more followers and the claims of both sides to be the true faith of Khem. The Church of Hoar often even stands in direct confrontation with the faithfulls of the eight, most noteably the faith of Anhur.

The township is also often caught up in the struggles between the Bedine and Minotaurs. The cleregy of Lathander often tasks adventurers with the job of putting down the Sand Minotaurs. Nes'ek is reached via a portal in the depths of Glinulan's Hold, near the logging town of Guldorand or by the portal on the top of the keep in Fortress Wiltun.

Points of Interest

North: Temple of Lathander
West: Cathedral of the Martyr-Saint
East: Chapel of Hoar

North: Bedine camps and territory.
South: Hasrabet and Djedet
South East: Sand Minotaurs, and their camps and territory.

Important Figures

Lady Si'neela: She is the high priestess of Lathander and the ruler of Nes'ek.

Lord Gagis Silvarna (PC): The Grand Master of the Sacred Order of Saint Elizabeth.