Nexus Falls

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Nexus Falls is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the whole island of Amia. Its peaceful and fresh atmosphere lures all sort of couples, hermits and common adventures to spend time there. Guards from the nearby Elven city of Winya Ravana patrol the region, making it relatively safe for those who are on good terms with the Elves.

Ferns, ivy, roses, dandelions, forest hearts and all type of shrubs decorate the soil. The air is sweet-smelling and warm.


On the bluffs to the north of the river, near the entrance to Winya is a campfire with places to sit beneath the cover of fir trees.

On the south side of the river may be found a dock where one may board a raft for travel to other locations.

In the lake at the center of natural amphitheatre into which the falls feed is an island occasionally used for weddings, with one of Mystra's weave portal towers on it. You can get onto this island through the root system of a tree on one of the cliffs, but it's a tight squeeze.

The main road leads off into several directions, the western road leads to the Minmir Bridge. The southern road leads to the Forest of Amia, and the Eastern road leads through the Nexus Hills to the town of Uhm.