Obsidian Vanguard

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Obsidian Vanguard
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Power and Prosperity to the Dark
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Leader The Tribunal
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Races Underdark Races
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Location L'obsul
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Status Semi-Active

General Description

The Obsidian Vanguard is an autonomous group based in the underdark settlement of L'Obsul with the stated mission to "Advance and Protect the interests of L'Obsul." The group consists of a number of different Underdark-based races, it advocates co-operation between the Underdark races for mutual profit and gain.

How the Obsidian Vanguard follows through on its goal to "Advance and Protect" is reflected in its structure. The armed division of the Vanguard, the militia, is focussed on the use of force to realise its goals and how the militia uses its force can vary from patrols to expeditions. The mercantile division of the Vanguard is concerned with business deals, construction and other such projects to bring wealth to the settlement of L'Obsul.

Structure and Rankings

There are three main bodies in the Obsidian Vanguard; they are the Tribunal, the militia sector and the mercantile sector.

The Tribunal is leadership body of the Obsidian Vanguard, the Tribunal is tasked with the management of the Obsidian Vanguard and to ensure it continues to follow the Vanguard's mission to serve the interests of L'Obsul. A member of the Tribunal is called a Tribune, there are different types of Tribunes in the Tribunal itself. They are known as the Overseer, the Warmaster, the Taskmaster and the Delegates.

The foremost of these Tribunes is the Overseer whom is tasked with ensuring the Vanguard is running efficiently and smoothly; the Overseer holds the most sway in the Tribunal and can be considered the de facto head of the faction, though the rest of the Tribunal act as checks on their power.
The Warmaster and Taskmaster also form part of this Tribunal, respectively managing the militia and mercantile sectors of the Vanguard.
Delegates differ from the other Tribunes as there are multiple Delegates, Delegates are the chosen representatives of their race and are tasked with advising the Overseer and the rest of the Tribunal on the interests of their race and how the Vanguard can accommodate them. Their role further extends to looking out for members of their race within the Vanguard so that their contributions are not marginalised.

The Militia Sector is the military arm of the Obsidian Vanguard and it's primary concern is the security of L'Obsul and its interests through the use of 'hard power' such bashing heads in and patrols. The Militia Sector is commanded by the Warmaster, who is part of the Tribunal and is tasked with implementing the will of the Tribunal through the Militia Sector when directed.
Assisting the Warmaster are the Enforcers, his lieutenants who assist in managing and directing the Militia Sector.
The Vanguard are the core of the Militia Sector, they are the soldiery and take commands from their superior officers and the Tribunal

The Mercantile Sector is the economic wing of the Obsidian Vanguard, its focus is to turn L'Obsul into a place of wealth and influence through the use of 'soft power' such as trade agreements or construction. This sector is administrated and managed by the Taskmaster, who also acts as Tribune on the Tribunal, it is the Taskmaster's duty to ensure the the Mercantile Sector is running, advise on the Tribunal how it might be best implemented and direct it when the Tribunal's will is issued.

Current Tribunes

Overseer Naltyrr Ale'zynge
Warmaster Grimgor Ironhide
Taskmaster <Vacant>
Duergar Delegate Bogar Deepbowel
Goblin Delegate Xegokb Shadowfingers
Svirfneblin Delegate Brunnur Taperroott


The Obsidian Vanguard was originally founded by three groups who sought to turn L'Obsul into a place of influence and subsequently a member from each of these groups were chosen to act as the first Council of the Obsidian Vanguard. The first council consisted of Councillors Irae'arra, Naltyrr and Zes'afay; Ada'vrae was appointed as the Commander of the Vanguard's militia and it was under their leadership the Obsidian Vanguard grew and attracted a not-so-insignificant amount of interest.
Some time later and the leadership of the Vanguard began to fracture with Irae'arra making a dramatic departure from L'Obsul and Zes'afay later vanishing from the L'Obsul scene. Naltyrr and Ada'vrae became the effective leaders of the Vanguard at this point and continued to lead for some time.
At some point the Vanguard began to decline, it was decided the Vanguard needed to be renewed though Ada'vrae did not see it as she later resigned as the Commander of the Militia. Now the sole leader left, Naltyrr became the Overseer of the Vanguard and appointed Grimgor as the new Warmaster of the militia.

OOC Note: There are many missing details on the exploits of the Vanguard which be filled in on a later date once cleared with the participants involved.