Ochre Jelly

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Carrion Crawler

Ochre Jelly.jpg
Type Boss
Race Ooze
Regions Cordor Sewers

Game Description

Ochre Jelly

This amorphous creature resembles a dark yellow amoeba.


An ochre jelly looks exactly as the name describes. A yellow brownish, flat blob; almost as if a uncommonly large egg was beaten and spilled on the floor. The ones encountered where about 2 to 3 feet in diameter and are asymmetrically round. They are about 2 to 5 inches thick. As a result of their viscous body they can squeeze through the smallest of openings. They can also move on walls and ceilings with ease.

This ooze has no visible organs or recognizable features. However they seems to be aware of any living creature around them and will devour about any living substance. Everything that is enveloped in the jelly will slowly start to dissolve until only bones remain. When engaging a prey they will try to grab the prey to start dissolving it.

The way these creatures reproduce is unclear, what is known however is that one ochre jelly can split itself into two sentient smaller ochre jellies. This could mean that they reproduce through this means. A possible consequence is that all ochre jellies originate from a single entity, each one split off from the first. The act of splitting them can be provoked voluntarily through attacking them with slashing or piercing weapons or hitting them with electric spells.


When hit with slashing or piercing weapons or electric spells the jelly will split in two jellies.
They will try to grab opponents to try to digest them.