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Ogrillions are horrid crossbreeds of Orcs and Ogres. Which displays the same general behavior as it's larger cousin (the ogre) which some exceptions. It is even more brutish and violent.

The ogrillion is the size of an Orc, and closely resembles one. One in ten is born with more ogre like features. The skin of the ogrillion is covered with snall horn plates, giving it a superior natural armor and the ability to use it's unarmed strike to cause non-subdual damage.

They are not much taller than usual mountain Orcs, but their muscular, bulky bodies are protected by a layer of thick, hard skin. Other traits include tusks, flat faces, and a myriad of different mixtures of orc and ogre, varying between individuals.

They love mayhem. In combat they disdain weapons and plunge in with both fists. An ogrillion out of combat is restless and troubled, but it will be seen chuckling merrily to itself during a good fight.

Because of their single-mindedness, ogrillions are often approached by Orcs when they need good fighters. Ogrillions are happy to join and fight, sometimes for the love of combat and destruction, but more often for more lucky gold pieces.

Ogrillions are the issue of a female Orc mated with a male Ogre. The mating of a male Orc and a female Ogre produces an Orog. Their favoured class is Barbarian and typical alignment Chaotic Evil.

Stronger, more endurant and more ferocious than their orcish cousins, Ogrillons are treated with caution even among Orc tribes. They love battle and pillaging, which is why they’re often found at the front ranks of any larger warband of Orcs and Ogres. Few Ogrillons have the patience, cunning or personal charisma to actually lead tribes for any long (as percieved by Orcs) period of time.

Ogrillons tend to disdain sophisticated weapons and complicated suits of armor. They enjoy plunging into battle with their bare claws, protected only by their thick skin and perhaps a layer of studded leather. Whenever they use weapons, they prefer simple clubs, spears, axes and maces. Ogrillons are most often chaotic and evil in nature, favoring the martial skills of the barbarian or the fighter.

Racial Traits

  • Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
  • Armor Class: +2 Natural
  • Level Adjustment +1
  • Favoured Class:Barbarian